Ubidy’s Mission is to efficiently connect the world’s largest employers with the world’s leading recruitment agencies to source the world’s finest talent.

    • How Ubidy Differs

      This is where Ubidy differs from some other solutions, through Co-Creation from 2015 to 2018 Ubidy listened to Industry and asked all our Co Creation Partners what their challenges were and what was the end result they wanted. We learnt more about the global market, how US employers would like to engage with UK Agencies, How Australian Agencies in Geology want to work in Geology in the Middle East and or that there are only 10 People in the US who can perform the role of a Minex Geologist and Agencies on large PSA’s don’t know that.

      But our most important experience was that Agencies are Passionate about what they do and so are Employers who want their service. They just needed to come together in an efficient way.

    • So, to best explain Ubidy, it’s best to explain what it isn’t.

      • Ubidy is not a website where work is awarded to lowest bid or where thousands of recruiters fight for roles.

      • Ubidy is not a quick solution to obtain vast CV’s from recruiters looking for a shotgun approach.

      • Ubidy is not a platform for Freelancers to quickly access big opportunities or undercut pricing of professional Agencies.

      • Ubidy is not a typical Marketplace. What we are is an enterprise grade technology solution connecting enterprise employers with specialist Agencies around the world to source the talent that does not exist in a database.

      • We wanted to help identify Quality in the recruitment industry by allowing passionate specialist agencies who could not get to PSA’s, recruit for enterprise who were not seeing the talent or service from the industry.

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      • For employers, Talent Acquisition Specialist and Human Resource Teams, Ubidy brings choice, flexibility and a solution to keeping Agency engagement in line with business needs.

        For Agencies For Employers

      • Quality, Agility, Efficiency, Transparency and Professionalism.

        These are at the core of the Ubidy Service.

      • Our Story

      • Soft Launch

        November 2017

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        25 Countries

      • The most efficient and agile way for employers to engage agencies globally in any region, any industry in real time for the efficient sourcing of talent.

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