Rio Tinto

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    • Background
      Rio Tinto Group is an Anglo-Australian multinational company and the world’s second-largest metals and mining corporation. Over the years it has diversified through a long series of mergers and acquisitions and has grown into one of the 150 largest companies in the world. Although primarily focused on the extraction of minerals, Rio Tinto has significant operations in refining, particularly the refining of bauxite and iron ore.

    • problem

      Rio Tinto were embarking on a critical campaign to source 140 technology positions across multiple sites. With a decentralised talent acquisition team working from 4 countries, they had a challenge with their global recruitment agency engagement. Due to the complex nature of their inhouse sourcing regime, a coordinated approach filling the vacancies would require seamless communication across their recruitment teams who were in different geographic regions of the world.

    • implication

      In having a “disparate” sourcing regime, the daily disconnection of the teams meant that there was no coordination with process, nor was there a single reference point to ensure the consistency in the quality of the recruits. Having a team source in one region meant that the calibre of the candidate base could be vastly different from those candidates sourced in another location.

      In sourcing such a large contingency of specialised people at once requires a lot of dynamic coordination. Establishing target markets, interviewing candidates that specifically “meet the brief”, ensuring that candidate coverage with CVs was meeting internal benchmarks and finally coordinating formal offers were all critical to get right and they required a framework and a point of reference for the acquisition teams to work effectively, and for the programme to be a success.

    • root cause

      Root causes
      Rio Tinto has grown into a massive global entity over a short period of time. This historical evolution had impacted the efficiencies required for a multi-location recruitment campaign to be successful. Traditionally the acquisition teams had taken care of their own regional markets, and a larger coordinated recruitment drive of this magnitude occurred rarely.

    • solution

      Rio Tinto worked with Ubidy initially to establish how their agency engagement protocol could work more effectively, discussing the scope of the sourcing project and detailing the challenges of their sourcing regime. The Ubidy solution has been developed to specifically provide a centralised agency panel protocol, so the client’s talent acquisition teams could log into a single portal, launch their job vacancies, invite global agencies to engage on the various roles, and create shortlists, all of which could be viewed on screen by the entire talent acquisition team around the world.

      A sophisticated centralised portal that created a one stop insights hub displaying all of the jobs being sourced, the agencies who had been accepted to work on each, the stage of the recruitment process with available CVs that could be viewed at the click of a mouse. Further, the recruitment team could see offers to candidates and their acceptance, as well as subsequent hires, all visible on a single screen. Rio had in effect been welcomed to the new age of global sourcing.

    • Benefits

      Ubidy has created a centralised agency engagement function for Rio Tinto, leveraging their global talent acquisition team who were now key users. Within seven days the employer had panels working in three countries with multicultural talent acquisition teams, speaking several languages and cooperating seamlessly through a single agency recruitment marketplace.

      Rio Tinto - Benefits

      Ubidy continue to manage campaigns and provide a critical solution for Rio Tinto’s global talent acquisition teams across the US, Canada, Australia, Africa and Europe.

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