What is Ubidy?

Ubidy is the first global recruitment marketplace to efficiently connect the world’s largest employers with the world’s leading recruitment agencies to source the world’s finest talent.

    • Ubidy Permanent Placement Exchange

      The Ubidy Permanent Placement Exchange enables employers to list their talent requests with categorisations for industry, skills and locations.

      Ubidy Permanent Placement Exchange

    • The Ubidy algorithms help connect employers and agencies by notifying agencies with the right skills in the right regions of suitable roles. Agencies can review the available talent requests and upon review of the open position, location and rate, they can choose to apply to recruit for the role. Employers can simply review the applying agency profile and choose whether to accept the agency or decline their application.

      Once approved, agencies can ask clarification questions via our own messaging platform and submit candidates directly through the platform for review by the employer.

    • Employers can then review and track candidate statuses while communicating with the agency to assist with organising interviews and obtaining further information. All this occurs in one place on our platform.

      Once the employer finds the candidate they would like, they can make an offer and when accepted, they simply click hired. The agency is notified and Ubidy invoices the employer the fee owed.

      The process is simple and efficient and allows employers to move quickly on roles they wish to engage agencies with.

    • Agency Directory

      Agency Directory

      While the Ubidy algorithms will recommend agencies based on specialties and locations, employers can also browse the agency directory looking at regions and specialties. Employers can contact agencies and invite them in to talent requests based on who they would like to work with. If an agency an employer wishes to work with does not currently use Ubidy, employers can invite them through the agency invite tool. Ubidy will verify the agency and if they are verified, they can participate in the solution.

      Ubidy is a tool for employers and agencies and efficiently brings them together to transact.

    • Candidate Reviewing and Tracking

      Candidate Reviewing and Tracking

      Ubidy provides tools to manage and track candidates in the recruitment process with agencies. Employers can update the statuses of candidates throughout the process, which sends notifications to the related agencies. Utilising the Ubidy candidate centre, employers and agencies can view their candidates in progress and communicate with each other on each candidate. The efficient viewing of candidates by date, role, agency and more allows employers and agencies to ensure they are efficiently managing each transaction.

    • Pre-Qualified Agency Module

      Pre-Qualified Agency Module

      For employers who would like to set up pre-qualified suppliers or restrict who they engage with, Ubidy provides a Pre-Qualification Module. This allows employers to stipulate the requirements to transact which may include licenses, insurances or policies. Agencies can apply to be pre-qualified and must upload the required evidence for the employer to approve or decline.

      The Ubidy PQ Module allows employers to overlay a framework and still have the ability to be agile with the ability to supplement or change agencies in real time based on the needs of the business.

    • Contract and Temp Labour Exchange - Coming Soon

      Contract and Temp Labour Exchange – Coming Soon

      The Ubidy Contract Labour Module brings the agility of the permanent exchange to temp and contract labour. Employers can list their project requirements for temp labour and be presented with the regional pre-qualified panel of agencies. These agencies specialise in the industries and have been verified independently to ensure contract and temping compliance and financial viability for payrolling.

      This Module will allow employers to quickly skill their labour force in line with regional demands as well as move to new regions leveraging local experienced firms.

    • Notification Engine

      Notification Engine

      The Ubidy platform uses a notification centre and engine to ensure users are updated with critical activities on platform. This ensures employers and agencies can focus on their day to day knowing the solution is keeping the process rolling. Notifications not only show activities but provide reminders and prompts when milestones are reached. All of these are communicated daily in summary emails and can be turned on and off from the user configuration panels.

    • User Configurations

      User Configurations

      As an enterprise focused solution, Ubidy enables agencies and employers to create unlimited users’ profiles with fully configurable access levels ensuring users are focussed on their key roles or areas while allowing admin users ensure actions requiring restriction are kept closed.

      The ability to allocate teams and users to clients or roles for agencies and talent requests for employers keeps transactions and engagements succinct.

      With Ubidy employers and agencies have the ability to tailor the solution for how they like to work.