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The Ubidy platform operates under a neutral vendor model which allows your agency instant access to Permanent Placement opportunities across the globe.


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      *Access to opportunities on Ubidy will be enabled after we have reviewed and approved your account and upon payment of onboarding fee.

    • We strongly believe in the Recruitment Agency “Value Proposition” and therefore have set out to create an ecosystem of the world’s best agencies in doing so showcasing to large enterprises the benefit of utilising professional agencies to supplement the recruiting needs.

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    • Agency Benefits of the Ubidy Platform

    • Instant Access

      Access to Fortune 500 and large enterprise clients.

    • Communicate Directly

      Unlike traditional MSPs agencies can communicate directly with end enterprise users.

    • Workflow

      The platform fully automates the work flow process between agencies and enterprise users to remove the white noise from administration and ensure Agencies can communicate efficiently with the hiring team.

    • 24/7 Support

      Our account managers and support team are available 24/7 to assist with any issues.

    • Fees

      Success based – Ubidy platform charges agencies for successful placements through the platform.

    • We have a standard fixed fee of 25% of the placement fee. This is a nominal fee considering the cost to acquire such enterprise clients and the opportunities while providing support globally 24 hours a day. The Ubidy Platform is redefining the way large enterprise manage their Permanent Placement recruitment replacing the traditional methods.

    • FAQs

      Below are some of the common questions about our unique platform.

      • Is the Ubidy platform open access to all agencies?

        No. Access is by invitation ONLY or if one of our enterprise users invites an agency. Agency accounts are capped to ensure the marketplace remains viable for all users and the number of requests globally for Talent are balanced regionally with the best agencies suited to the demand industries.

      • Does Ubidy charge a subscription fee for agencies?

        No, however, there will be an onboarding fee to cover the initial training and assessment.

      • Is Ubidy a recruitment agency or affiliated with a recruitment agency?

        No. We are a completely neutral vendor, we do not submit CV’s against our agency partners, and we have no affiliations or ties to any agency.

      • Does Ubidy store CV’s or on-sell CV’s submitted via the platform?

        No. On successful placement of a candidate and closure of the talent request, we purge all CV’s submitted from the platform.

      • Does the Ubidy platform accept Freelancers?

        No. We have made the conscious decision to only allow access to recruitment agencies due to compliance requirements of our Enterprise users.

      • Do you Auction Talent Requirements?

        We strongly believe in supporting agency margins hence the preferred methodology for the commercial engagement is fixed fee either put forward by the enterprise users or agency however some users under current practices reverse auction their requirements, so this has also been captured as a small % of the transactions on the solution.

    • As stated above access to the platform is via invitation ONLY or via invite of one of our enterprise users.


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    • How do we source Agencies?

      Ubidy prides itself on supporting a balanced and mutually beneficial exchange where high performing Agencies and Enterprise Employers work collaboratively with open communication to ensure the sourcing of the world’s best talent.

  • This is the Ubidy difference, tailored and bespoke.

    A continuous balance between demand and supply ensuring quality engagement and the right talent for the right job. Fill out your details below to request a demonstration.

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