National Skills Database

At Ubidy, we build world-class national career development and service provider portals to deliver government solutions priorities and local content objectives.

    • Ubidy has been commissioned by foreign National Governments to build the “world’s first” technology solutions, to educate, empower and deliver vocational opportunities whilst adhering to strict local content statutory requirements.

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    • Ubidy proudly participates as a corporate supporter of Wan PNG, facilitating the connection in Papua New Guinea between:

      Job seekers
      Employers, and
      Training institutions
    • As an adaptable technological solution, we offer governments a centralized platform to collect, analyze, and enhance decision-making in order to support workforce nationalization initiatives more effectively.

      Through leveraging innovative technology, we provide an exceptional user experience.

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      Customizes design approach to match cultural and local practices

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      Adapts design to specific country contexts

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      Incorporates cultural considerations into design strategy