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      Through our recruitment agency marketplace you can access many new specialised and niche agencies from around the world via one platform with one agreement.

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      Ubidy tackles labor market challenges in the UAE by connecting businesses with talent, addressing skill gaps, streamlining recruitment processes, promoting diversity, and ensuring compliance through its AI-powered platform.

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      Three Essential Steps to Ubidy Recruitment Marketplace for Employers and Agencies

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      Ubidy connects employers and skilled agencies through advanced algorithms in the UAE.

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      Ubidy empowers agencies with talent assessment and submission, while employers in the UAE review and engage through the platform.

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      Ubidy streamlines hiring, tracking candidates, and communication for employers and agencies in the UAE.

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    • Superior Energy Services

      Off the back of Ubidy’s strong success we have outsourced all our local and global third-party agency recruitment across executive, professional and skilled hires to Ubidy to manage and execute on our behalf.

      Superior Energy Services - Jeff Bryson
      Jeff Bryson, Director Global Human Resources