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    • Background
      Superior Energy Services, Inc. is an oilfield services company based in Houston, Texas. The company provides specialist staff and drilling equipment to the oil and gas industry. At its peak it ranked 534 on the Fortune 1000.

    • problem

      Superior Energy was engaged in large scale oil and gas projects in regional Texas which required the upskilling and sourcing of a significant number of equipment operators within a short period of time. The jobs market at the time was highly competitive and with the high volume of recruitment required to support Superior’s projects within the region, enormous pressure had been placed on a small internal talent acquisition team. They had been charged with sourcing 200 specialist blue-collar workers to complement existing teams. The exercise was time and cost sensitive.

    • implication

      The risk associated with inadequate talent deployment on mine sites or within gas extraction projects can be financially significant. Down-time or loss of production output will often place projects in jeopardy of continuation. Project milestones and benchmarks are required to be met to satisfy client demand. Being under-resourced with human capital can be fatal for project management and in turn, with the ongoing success of a project.

    • root cause

      Root causes
      Superior had traditionally sourced their own people requirements through their internal sourcing teams, and sometimes with the assistance of external recruitment companies. This case, with multiple projects within a region, resulted in an enormous upscaling phenomenon which led to Superior’s internal resourcing capability struggling to meet the demand.

    • solution

      The solution
      The requirements were straight forward, Superior needed skills and efficiency in talent acquisition with the ability to increase recruitment without increasing the pressure on teams.

      Ubidy proposed a Virtual Resource Process Outsourcing (VRPO) solution which would allow Superior to access a suitable agency panel in a short timeframe and with Ubidy “Master Users” in the office could have the solution run with candidates submitted, vetted, and reviewed before being transferred to the company ATS for interview and hire.

      This solution saw Superior have its first candidates in a week and, at the height of the campaign, provide 30 hires every 7 days at the project. Ubidy efficiently sourced over 50 critical technical positions in under a month. The conversion rate was over 80% with hiring managers impressed with the recruitment campaign for not only presenting quality candidates, but reducing time being wasted interviewing poor quality candidates.

    • Benefits

      Ubidy provided an innovative digital solution which allowed the aggregation of multiple agencies specifically in the remit of the recruitment campaign (discipline, location, etc.) allowing the internal talent acquisition team to quickly collate, review and submit large volumes of CVs to line management in order to meet the required numbers of new hires.

      The time and cost savings that accrued were significant, and the Ubidy solution allowed Superior to meet the company’s ongoing project objectives.

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