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Ubidy is the first global recruitment marketplace to efficiently connect the world’s largest employers with the world’s leading recruitment agencies to source the world’s finest talent.

    • The Ubidy Platform enables employers to list their talent requests with categorisations for industry, skills and locations. The Ubidy algorithms help connect employers and agencies by notifying Agencies with the right skills in the right regions of suitable roles. Agencies can review the available talent requests and upon review of the open position, location and rate, they can choose to apply to recruit for the role. Employers can simply review the applying agency profile and choose whether to accept the agency or decline their application.

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      Employers are given the flexibility to set their fees based on the following:

      1. Fixed Fee
      2. Percentage of Base or
      3. Percentage of Total Compensation

      No fees paid unless a successful candidate is hired.

      Once approved, agencies can ask clarification questions via our own messaging platform and submit candidates directly through the platform for review by the employer.

      Employers can then review and track candidate statuses while communicating with the agency to assist with organising interviews and obtaining further information. All this occurs in one place on our platform.

      Once the employer finds the candidate they would like, they can make their offer and when accepted, they simply click hired. The agency is notified and Ubidy invoices the employer the fee owed.

      The process is simple and efficient and allows employers to move quickly on roles they wish to engage agencies with.

    • FAQs

      Below are some of the common questions about our unique platform.

    • Do you charge to access your Platform?

      No upfront fees or cost for the platform if used exclusively for all agencies hiring. For more information, please email us at

    • What happens if two Agencies submit the same Candidate?

      Our technology time and date stamp all submissions of candidates and it is a first in policy. If there is a dispute between two agencies Ubidy will manage the process.

    • What countries and industries are you in?

      Our solution is agnostic to industries and regions. We have representation across the world and have listings in new countries and industries weekly.

    • What if I have a PSA or already have some Agencies i like to work with?

      You can invite your PSA onto the platform or any Agencies you would like to work with who are not already registered. You can even set up a PSA on the platform to keep your Agency engagement restricted to a select group.

    • Agile Approach to Agency Recruitment

      Unlike a traditional PSA or reactive approach to agencies, Ubidy gives employers in general and talent acquisition teams in particular, an agile approach to agency engagement in any industry and region while working through one vendor agreement. No longer will you need to manage uncontrolled agency engagement or continued re-negotiation of terms, simply upload your requirements and key term attributes and engage with an agency in real time.

      Ubidy is a SaaS recruitment agency platform that has a unique feature of being scalable (up or down) at a click of a button. Employers have the ability to manage their recruitment via a centralised software that also provides bespoke solutions and tailored dashboards that surpass any current recruitment agency software or database software.

    • For Employers - On Demand

    • With the Ubidy agency recruitment marketplace,

      Organizations no longer need multi-year Contracts; instead, engage with agencies as and when they are needed.

      • Publishing hiring requirements into the centralized marketplace takes only minutes.
      • Ubidy’s system is flexible and will adapt to any hiring strategy, across permanent placement, contract / temp; whether Executive, Professional or Skilled / Semi-Skilled.
      • Diversify talent acquisition with large and specialized boutique agencies.
    • For Employers - User Configurations

    • Insightful Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

      Manage important dates and deadlines with automatically populated calendars and messaging.

      • Make smarter decisions by examining the current market(s); or exploring potential new markets before entering a competitive landscape.
      • Gather critical information on professions, skills, experience, and hiring costs; by region, industry and sector.
      • Work more intelligently with tailored dashboards, including average Cost per Placement, Days to Fill, etc.
  • This is the Ubidy difference, tailored and bespoke.

    A continuous balance between demand and supply ensuring quality engagement and the right talent for the right job. Fill out your details below to request a demonstration.

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