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    A single agreement for on-demand access to AI-matched talent anywhere by specialized agencies.

    • Trusted by global brands such as:


      Rio Tinto

      MIG Holding



      Barrick Gold

    • How the Recruitment Agency Marketplace Ubidy works

    • 1

      Employers publish their permanent and contract placement requirements into Ubidy’s cloud based recruitment agency marketplace.

    • 2

      Ubidy uses AI to match the right agencies to the right roles, where recruiting agencies then bid competitively to win the employer’s recruitment needs.

    • 3

      The platform provides advanced tools to then effectively manage the engagement and recruitment workflows through to placement.

    • Challenges

    • Why Ubidy

    • For Employers

      In this era of digital transformation, it has become critical for employers to use technology effectively in order to deliver on their workforce and recruitment plans.


    • For Agencies

      Instantly work with clients from around the globe. Build a comprehensive profile and leave it to our platform algorithms to match the most suitable opportunities for you.


    • One Contract. One Agency Recruitment Marketplace.

      One Panel of Exceptional Global Agencies.

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    • Superior Energy Services

      Off the back of Ubidy’s strong success we have outsourced all our local and global third-party agency recruitment across executive, professional and skilled hires to Ubidy to manage and execute on our behalf.

      Superior Energy Services - Jeff Bryson
      Jeff Bryson, Director Global Human Resources
    • Centralised Recruitment Engagement

      With Ubidy’s unique AI driven platform the management of agency recruitment has never been easier. Manage dozens of global agencies on one platform with one agreement and an ability to scale up or down as required.

    • Centralised Recruitment Engagement - Create

    • Centralised Recruitment Engagement - Select

    • Centralised Recruitment Engagement - Engage

    • Centralised Recruitment Engagement - Calibrate

    • Centralised Recruitment Engagement - Hire

    • Centralised Recruitment Engagement - Report

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