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    Ubidy provides Recruitment management software to efficiently connect employers with the world’s leading recruitment agencies to source passive and active talent in real time, through a premium cloud solution for medium to large enterprise businesses.

    The Ubidy solution allows HR staff, Talent Acquisition Teams, Project Owners or Operations Managers to efficiently transact with professional agencies when required.

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    • Recruitment Management Software

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    • For Employers

      In this era of digital transformation, it has become critical for employers to use technology effectively in order to deliver on their workforce and recruitment plans.

      For Employers

    • For Agencies

      Instantly work with clients from around the globe. Build a comprehensive profile and leave it to our platform algorithms to match the most suitable opportunities for you.

      For Agencies

    • Centralised Engagement

      With Ubidy, agency recruitment management has never been easier with its unique centralised and real-time engagements. Whether you are an Employer or a Service Provider, Ubidy provides a platform that brings more meaningful business relationships with the core focus on delivery.

    • AGENCY (PSA)
    • As an employer, access your global recruitment requirements and check your teams’ performance at any point in time and from anywhere. Assign new roles, check specific information on candidates and positions and create your own roles with different levels of authority. Benefit from the market insights on global recruitment trends and monitor your budgets and strategic workforce plans.

      As a service provider, access global clients through Ubidy and cut down your business development costs and negotiation times. Allow your recruiters to focus on what matters the most, which is placing quality candidates directly via your recruitment database software.

    • Ubidy allows Agencies and Employers to centralise their engagements and streamline their administration of transactions while they maintain their relationships. Ubidy offers multiple channels for communication to help with time zone differences or to simply keep communications streamlined. If employers prefer phone calls or face to face meetings, then that is up to them. Ubidy does not try to interfere with how you like to do business, we just take the white noise out of recruitment transactions and let the actual recruiting happen.

    • The Ubidy Difference

      Ubidy has an Opportunity First Principle (OFP). This means that Employers and Agencies Opportunities are scoped prior to the addition of niche Agencies. This strategy allows for the bespoke acquisition of the right agency for the right role.

      Ubidy engages its back office support team to observe all activities and requirements on the platform allowing for a combination of automation and human intervention to create a state of the art service that outperforms any recruitment agency software or recruitment management software.

    • A Global Network

      Ubidy provides the latest and most advanced features that allow employers to access a network of candidates that span the entire globe. Ubidy also provides service providers the opportunity to work with any client on the platform wherever they might be, thus eliminating the time-consuming prequalification requirements and limitations of PSAs and PSLs.

      Whether an employer or a service provider, Ubidy’s global reach brings additional efficiency and reduced conversion times to both stakeholders. Global talent has never been easier to reach.

    • VRPO Service

      For employers who have a large demand or don’t have internal Talent Acquisition teams, Ubidy offers a Virtual Resource Process Outsource. This model provides Ubidy master users to sit in the offices of the Employer or regionally and operate the platform. The Employer gets a scalable solution to access global talent through a transparent, efficient and agile RPO model. The Employers retain control and management of the Talent and process with the benefits of expert solution operators and the added services of the full Ubidy Agency Services team.

    • Global Presence

      With teams across the world and a global network of offices, Ubidy is more than just Recruitment management software. Ubidy has been built on the backbone of real people from Industry who continuously support the relationships and interactions between employers and agencies ensuring the technology supplements and supports, rather than governs and directs.

    • The most efficient and agile way for employers to engage agencies globally in any region, any industry in real time for the efficient sourcing of talent.

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