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    • World leading airline embarks on growth and industrial diversity program

      AirAsia, Malaysia’s leading airline, is acknowledged as one of the top 10 airlines in the world with operating scheduled domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries.

      They are, however, more than an aviation company offering low budget destination and cargo services. Over the next 5 years their CEO Tony Fernandes expects that 50% of revenues will come from non-core companies within the group.

      The company has evolved into having one of the strongest brand names in Asia offering a range of interconnected companies in the digital and lifestyle space.

      AirAsia - Operations

      Their operations include a fresh or grocery delivery service, an Uber type transportation business and a “super-app” company that is currently being heralded as one of 3 unicorn companies in Malaysia with a market capitalisation in excess of $1 Billion.

    • problem

      A dynamic growth initiative
      AirAsia needed to diversify the organisation from its existing aviation base whilst enhancing the brand image. Expanding into non-core industries that offered economies of scale would drive new income streams. Air Asia quickly substitute the needed talent sourcing “muscle”, on a global scale.

      AirAsia needed an innovative means of sourcing large numbers of exceptional people, swiftly. They had to reduce delays and bottlenecks with their existing recruitment process which could lead to recruitment assignments taking months to fill. To succeed, AirAsia had to step around their procurement process to introduce a vastly different and diversified recruitment panel of agencies. They also required access to different pools of candidates at breakneck speed.

      Whilst existing recruitment relationships would be maintained, the size and diversity of the skills intake required vastly more agency partners who could be activated as needed to service AirAsia’s changing talent requirements across multiple industries, from all parts of the globe.

    • implication

      The impact of retaining traditional sourcing methods
      Without new ways for sourcing talent and a means to find the talent quickly and then secure it, AirAsia’s growth strategy would fail. It is a strategy worth billions with an extremely ambitious growth trajectory and could only be achieved by finding a new innovative way to grow AirAsia’s human capital exponentially.

    • root cause

      Establishing what was halting the planned success
      In meeting with the client and hearing from them about their futuristic growth plans, Ubidy was able to establish quickly that AirAsia had some significant challenges:

      • Traditional corporate procurement protocols inhibited fast sourcing of exceptional talent.
      • Sourcing skills specific to aviation, as well as skills in tech, IT, data analytics, concurrently with sourcing skills within a range of non-core industries, had never been done effectively before.
      • AirAsia had an established PSA (Preferred Supplier Arrangement) with an established agency panel in place.
    • solution

      The resolutions
      Ubidy provided a solution which granted access to global talent on demand and in real-time. The Ubidy recruitment agency platform provides a seamless, multi-dimensional sourcing framework giving the client complete access to international talent in real-time through a panel of pre-validated recruitment agencies across the globe.

      Ubidy initially negotiates the enterprise procurement agreement, satisfying the individual requirements for each agency partner and removing the need for each agency to individually negotiate access to the client.

      Our technology was installed in a matter of hours and AirAsia’s talent acquisition team had unfettered access to a compliment of global recruitment specialists across the globe who could provide the sourcing penetration required to supplement their aviation ranks as well as support their strategy of diversifying into non-core businesses. AirAsia could now launch their job vacancies onto the platform and in some cases have the position shortlisted within a day.

    • Multilateral success

      Protocol launched with a massive win
      The Ubidy recruitment agency marketplace is a clear win to the client with benefits including markedly reduced turnaround time on filling roles, a rationalisation of spend per placement which saw up to a 30% reduction in hiring fees, and access to talent they would not traditionally have been able to source.

      Ubidy’s alignment with AirAsia has supported in developing a dynamic multi-layered industrial giant. Through the pandemic, when the global aviation industry was all but “silenced”, AirAsia were able to expand and diversify away from their traditional base with the help of Ubidy.

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