The rise of passive talent – A global shortage phenomenon

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Talent sourcing has certainly come a long way over the last 10 years with the advent of online platforms and artificial intelligence (ai). This has been paving the way for organisations sourcing talent to be able to dive into candidate pools that they would not have traditionally sourced from. The global talent shortage has really highlighted the need for hiring managers to be more innovative when it comes to identifying and getting human capital. The competition has never been so fierce, and it is only going to get more intense as competing entities fight it out for limited skills.

      One domain that is becoming a real focal point for companies seeking talent that has traditionally been a preserve of Head-Hunters, is “passive talent”. Passive talent are potential hires who are not necessarily looking to move jobs but will, given the right opportunity. They are generally highly skilled people who boast a demonstrable track record in their discipline or industry. It is becoming common place for particularly very experienced recruiters to rely on their knowledge of this category of talent.

      As an adjunct to this, “on-line platforms” have become a staple of organisations that have developed a strategic approach to finding quality personnel, because the solutions offer access to talent in “real time”. So, if a company needs to source swiftly, or simply get to the best and most appropriate candidate before the competition, they can avoid the protracted process of engaging a search consultant or enlisting a recruitment firm that they have had a relationship with who may in fact not be the best recruiter for that job! Speed to market, expanded choice of candidates sourced through non-traditional protocols (database), ability to step outside PSA’s (Preferred Supplier Arrangements) in order to secure a shortlist, are advantages of this on-line offering.

      At Ubidy, we have developed our solution so that an enterprise client can tap into an aggregation of the world’s leading talent scouts, and in real-time access both active as well as passive talent. It is an effective medium the puts the client firmly in contact with potential employees that they might never have had access to!

      As we navigate through the ups and downs of the re-emerging world economy, there is one thing for sure and that is the process of hiring new talent into an organisation is going to become more and more challenging. Recruitment is being turned on its head. It is being revolutionised out of necessity as our “people needs” are changing exponentially.

      In today’s jobs market, it is the adopters of ai and on-line recruitment software who will lead the market!

      Ubidy | Global Talent on Demand

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