A spotlight on the Middle East

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      The thirst for global talent is sky high as the Middle East embarks upon a drive to attract talent from around the world. This is being driven not only by projects like NEOM but there are orchestrated moves to liberalise economies which is creating demand for foreigners with specific skills to underpin the initiative. The Middle East as a result is evolving into a “place of interest” for vast numbers of professionals seeking career advancement, and it is not hard to understand why. Many of the world’s most significant companies are based in the Middle East and they are leaders in their industries globally. The financial benefits for people moving to these destinations are real and generous with opportunities seemingly endless, and the commercial growth within the region is only accelerating.

      Put very simply, due to the pace of change and the huge amount of development taking place, the Middle East does not have the human capital to satisfy local demand. Jobs growth must be supported through foreign labour and the transference of specialised skills across borders. The Middle East is no longer a “frontier land” but an economic hub witnessing some of the most transformational infrastructure and land development projects in the world. As well as this, the region is promoting technology and healthcare innovation which is supported by the various governments within the region. Highly specialised skills are in constant demand and the flow of western talent is becoming incalculable!

      Aside from the career prospects on offer within the Middle East the lifestyle benefits are considerable. Expatriates regularly jump on flights to visit exotic destinations, both local and afar, but the focus on local tourism has seen the Middle East jump to some of the premium travel destinations in the world today. There are vast sums of money being spent on places like Dubai and Doha who have been through a massive cultural liberalisation process to attract foreign visitors, who find a rich bed of culture with much to see from the ancient through to the modern.

      The Middle East will remain a focus for talent in the years to come as there is no end to the commercial growth, employment prospects, as well as the tourism attraction that we are currently witnessing.

      Ubidy | Global Talent on Demand

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