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    • Smarter ways to find better talent

      Over almost a decade, the world’s largest enterprises have trusted Ubidy’s recruitment agency marketplace to fill the most difficult roles and every time we hear the same request: where can we find the best talent? After years of working with the world’s best recruitment agencies, what we have discovered is that asking this question is the wrong approach to finding the best talent. The right approach to better candidate quality is much easier than companies think and it lies with better quality job descriptions.

      Elite Job Descriptions

      In the competitive landscape of agency recruitment, a well-crafted job description is the cornerstone of attracting top-tier talent. In this blog, we’ll distil our learnings from tens of thousands of candidates across thousands of jobs into the essential components that should be included in a job description to ensure it serves as an effective tool for both recruitment and employee engagement. Each of these items must be addressed to maximise a company’s chance of finding not just the right talent but the best.

      Compensation Package

      While it is not mandatory, detailing the compensation package can significantly enhance the appeal of a job description. Candidates appreciate transparency, and including salary ranges, benefits, and any other perks helps set clear expectations from the start.

      Education Requirements

      Clearly outline the educational qualifications necessary for the role. Whether it’s a specific degree, certifications, or relevant experience, this information helps potential candidates self-assess their suitability for the position.

      Role Details

      Define the responsibilities and boundaries of the role. Provide a snapshot of a typical day in the life of the appointee, offering a realistic preview of what to expect. Addressing why the vacancy exists and its duration adds context and transparency.

      Division Details

      Describe the organizational division to which the role belongs. Outline the divisional structure, reporting lines, and team culture. Highlight the qualities that lead to success within the division and the organization as a whole.

      Role Demands

      Explore the key challenges, daily demands, and milestones of the role. Clarify how success will be measured in the first 6-12 months. Discuss the company’s approach to acknowledging and rewarding success, fostering a performance-driven culture.

      Company Highlights

      Answer the crucial question of why someone should join the company. Share personal experiences, emphasizing the highlights of your journey. Outline the benefits of working with the company, including career prospects, financial rewards, and various forms of support provided.

      Job descriptions matter most

      Crafting a compelling job description requires a strategic approach, incorporating transparency, detail, and authenticity. By addressing the outlined components, your organization can attract top-quality candidates and foster a positive and engaging workplace culture. A well-informed candidate is more likely to become a committed and successful team member.

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