The Hidden Flaw in Your Hiring

    • How an AI CV Assessment Tool Revealed the Real Challenges of Finding Top Talent

      It happens too often: months of carefully crafting the job description, advertising the role, then interviewing dozens of top quality candidates and you still can’t find the right candidate. What went wrong?

      Were the ads no good? Is the talent market too difficult? Are candidates just shopping around?

      After months of analysing the data with our new AI CV Assessment tool, Ubidy may have just discovered the key factor driving poor hiring outcomes: to find your perfect match, the most important part of the puzzle seems to be writing the right job description.

      How do we know?

      At our global recruitment agency marketplace, Ubidy, we recently rolled out our AI Engine and it revealed a surprising truth: even candidates with a high-score skill match were being commonly rejected at large enterprises we work at.

      This wasn’t a failure in the talent pool, but a flaw in the job descriptions themselves that, without our AI assessment tool, we never would have discovered. Read on to uncover how this game-changing revelation is transforming recruitment and ensuring you attract the right talent for the right roles. But first let’s answer a critical question.

      What is a Recruitment Agency Marketplace?

      A Recruitment Agency Marketplace is an online platform designed to connect employers with a pre-qualified network of specialised recruitment agencies, simplifying and optimising the talent acquisition process through agencies. It provides employers with on-demand access to a diverse and quality talent pool, ensuring they find the best candidates quickly and efficiently. For recruitment agencies, it offers a wider client base and increased opportunities to place candidates, enhancing their reach and effectiveness in the job market.

      So given this, what is the Ubidy AI Engine?

      Ubidy AI Engine

      Driven by a cutting-edge Large Language Model (LLM), Ubidy’s AI Engine is an innovative tool designed to evaluate and match candidate qualifications with job requirements, whilst avoiding issues with traditional engines such as bias or lack of explainability. This engine operates by analysing the content of a candidate’s CV against the detailed Job Description (JD) provided by the employer. The result is a precise and comprehensive skill match analysis report, accompanied by a skill match score that quantifies the degree of alignment between the candidate’s qualifications and the job requirements.

      Our Discovery

      In our continuous endeavour to help our employer partners hire the best talents at the right time, we constantly monitor and analyse Ubidy data. One of the key metrics that we monitor is the CV rejection rate compared to the total submitted CVs.

      For one of our data-intensive employers that have high CV rejection rates, we ran the Ubidy AI engine on hundreds of CVs and the corresponding JDs to get a better understanding of the cause of the rejection rates. This exercise revealed an extremely important discovery: the majority of the rejected CVs had high Skill-Match scores. For example, in the analysis of one employer’s data of 360 rejected candidates, 287 candidates (i.e. 80% of the rejected candidates) achieved [80%-100%] matching score (see below graph).

      • A scatterplot of skill match scores

    • Initially we suspected an issue with our AI Engine, but upon further investigation and spot checking many dozens of cases, we realised the AI Engine was accurate and the problem was that the rejections made no sense with respect to the job description requirements.

      Assessing your JDs

      Based on the above analysis, it became obvious that the high rejection rate was primarily due to inaccuracies or missing details in the job descriptions. This led us to our great discovery: the Ubidy AI tool goes beyond ranking candidates; it can uncover flaws in job descriptions. For example, employers may unknowingly seek candidates from prestigious companies, those fitting a specific cultural mould, or those with certain educational backgrounds but simply not state it in their JDs. They might also prioritise irrelevant experience or overlook soft skills. Our AI tool identifies these hidden preferences and misalignments, helping companies refine their JDs.


      Accurate job descriptions are crucial for finding the best talent quickly and cost-effectively. Ubidy’s AI tool not only scores candidates but also highlights flaws in your JDs. Without precise JDs, employers risk missing top talent, delaying achieving hiring targets, and incurring unnecessary costs. Companies should embrace this insight to craft better JDs, ensuring they attract the right talent at the right time and the right cost, maximising their recruitment success.