Finding exceptional talent… challenging?

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      It has never ceased to amaze me how organisations struggle with recruitment when their systems, processes and people who are engaged to perform this task are completely out of step with the organisation. For such a critical function to be “under-resourced” can be commercially fatal. An organisations ability to attract talent underpins the whole purpose for why it exists, so in getting Talent Acquisition wrong from a leadership perspective border on delinquency!

      By comparison, an enterprise that has well-resourced internal Talent Acquisition teams that are well managed, resourced and know their purpose create an environment of success. Focused, disciplined and determined are the hallmarks of a finely tuned recruitment team. Like their external cousins where many of them learnt their trade, success is measured by each and every “placement”, and the success of the placement fitting in and succeeding professionally reflects on the recruiter.

      So how have things evolved in the world of Talent Acquisition over the last few years? Well, “disruption” has finally caught up with an industry which really hasn’t seen much change in 4o years. Sure, the SEEKS of the world blasted out of nowhere to challenge the way agency recruiters found their target, but for all intents and purposes, nothing has really changed the way recruiters applied their trade until the last few years. Like a tsunami hitting the beachfront the recruitment industry has been bowled over by artificial intelligence and a wave of technology which is allowing an enterprise to target and engage with talent far more effectively. Speed to market, cost per placement, sourcing passive talent are concepts that are being redefined. You see in all of this as the global talent market becomes smaller, countries compete for a finite resource and the challenges we faced yesteryear are not the challenges we face today. More and more I hear from organisations who speak of speed to market in order to engage with talent before the competition does. For many organisations, this is critical, like in the energy markets, or the infrastructure environment, technology and health and of course aviation. All are experiencing significant technological change… better, faster, cheaper for more! How things have changed!

      At Ubidy we predicted the great leap forward with A1 and we engaged with our clients to “co-create” a TA solution to put clients in touch with passive talent in real-time. Our enterprise solution drives a transformational platform which has been adopted by many of the world’s leading companies who have been challenged by the global talent shortage. They all have one thing in common… they are determined to maintain their competitive edge by sourcing exceptional talent, swiftly and cost-effectively!

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