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    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Working from home for most of us will become the “new norm” as companies revolutionise the way they run their businesses. Maintaining staff safety through “working by remote” is a concept most of us are having to live with. Interesting research released last week by a leader in the online recruitment space indicated that work productivity has risen over the last 2 months as employees enjoyed their newfound “freedoms” in working from home. The fact of the matter is that whilst we no longer are required to commute to work during these challenging times, it means that most are at the keyboard from dawn to beyond dusk! Sure, there are advantages to being at home like chiming into the Discovery Channel whilst on a break, but the reality is we are working consistently long hours. The distractions, however, can be both good and bad. In my case the latter as a result of “homeschooling” … the joy!

      But there is a financial upside for most and that is the cost-saving by having not to travel. For many, this can represent hundreds of dollars a month.

      We will find over the coming months that organisations, institutions, and companies have taken this time to re-engineer and recalibrate their environments. Technology adoption will become a priority as the workplace grapples with the “new norm”. New ways of doing things, reducing the risk associated with sick employees, a reduced dependency on providing physical workplaces, and a redefinition of what the office environment may look like physically as well as in staff numbers. Most private-sector workplaces will be impacted through reduced staffing numbers, and others will have a more fluid workplace with revolving staff hours.

      Employment as we have known it is changing. The entire jobs “universe” is evolving at such a rapid pace. Where we work, how we work, how we get work, social engagement at work, everything associated with our working lives is changing. There is a new world order, so get used to it!

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