When your PSA fails to deliver talent…

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      In the world of “talent acquisition” the reliance on a PSA to source human capital can and often is “restrictive”. All too often an organisation will require the skills of a non-mainstream type appointment that the PSA panel does not have the expertise to recruit. Don’t get me wrong, relationships in recruitment are strategically important, but they cannot and do not deliver on each and every vacancy. Specialist appointments more often than not require specialist market knowledge. PSA’s don’t always exhibit this.

      In the jobs market currently, for example, there is a high demand for cyber intelligence expertise, a skill that was not prevalent a few years ago. Many existing PSA’s having been put together several years ago do not include recruiters who have the knowledge or experience in sourcing this talent. They weren’t designed with cyber intelligence in mind. So, what should an organisation do when faced with a potentially failing recruitment exercise?

      There are options afoot and at Ubidy we have designed a talent acquisition protocol that allows hiring managers to step outside the confines of an existing PSA framework and engage passive talent easily and swiftly. Ubidy acts as a vendor management apparatus that is linked to a realm of pre-qualified and specialist recruiters. Rather than having to deal with a vacant chair, the individual charged with the recruitment process can turn to Ubidy’s agile solution to engage specialist recruiters in real time bringing a successful recruitment process to a speedy and cost-effective close.

      Whether it is a large-scale recruitment exercise requiring defined or difficult to locate skills or a one-off placement, let Ubidy provide the solution!

      Ubidy | Global Talent on Demand

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