Ubidy AI CV Assessment: Enhancing Talent Acquisition Efficiency

    • Ubidy continues its leadership in talent acquisition innovation with the introduction of our AI CV Skill Assessment feature. This advanced platform marks a significant leap forward in streamlining and optimizing the recruitment process through the power of AI technology.

      Driven by cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs), our AI CV Skill Assessment feature prioritizes efficiency in evaluating candidate CVs over traditional metrics. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms, the system swiftly analyzes CVs to identify relevant qualifications, experiences, and attributes that closely match the requirements outlined in the job descriptions provided by employers. 

      The result? 

      Employers receive a comprehensive “Skill Match Score,” empowering them to make well-informed hiring decisions efficiently.

      Ubidy’s AI CV Skill Assessment feature represents a pivotal moment in our ongoing commitment to modernizing talent acquisition. By placing emphasis on AI-driven efficiency, employers can quickly pinpoint top talent while conserving valuable time and resources. In addition, our approach has numerous benefits that are relevant for employers:

      1. Reduced Bias: By removing factors that can cause bias (e.g. education provider, previous employers, location, gender, etc.) and taking a skills based approach to hiring, we open the market up for employers to find overlooked talent.
      2. Explainable AI: Each of the results are clearly explained as to why each requirement is fulfilled or not, leading to a high degree of trust.
      3. Ease of use: Employers can simply upload a job description in any format and pipeline extracts all relevant data for the the LLM, creating no extra work for users
      4. Simple conclusions: The outputs are in a easily comprehensible table which can be scanned  for the fulfillment of requirements and used to make faster judgements
      5. High quality outputs: Testing reveals over 98.6% accuracy of the outputs, putting it on par with global tools like Sovren.

      In an era of rapid evolution in the job market, Ubidy remains steadfast in providing employers with the tools and insights necessary to assemble exceptional teams. Our AI-driven approach to talent acquisition enables organizations to make agile, data-driven hiring decisions, securing the best-fit talent for their specific needs.

      • We have updated the Engagement Candidate table. Now, alongside each candidate’s details, you’ll find a “Skill Match” percentage. If the candidate hasn’t undergone assessment through the LLM yet, it will display “to be assessed.” However, once the candidate has been through the LLM, the table will showcase their Skill Match Score. This enhancement streamlines the evaluation process, ensuring quick access to valuable AI-driven insights for employers.
      • A set of candidates

    • When an employer selects a candidate with a Skill Match Score, the platform will now display AI Assessment findings instead of the candidate’s CV. These findings, comprising Selection Criteria and Assessment results, are arranged in a two-column format for convenient reference. This enhancement streamlines the evaluation process, enabling employers to quickly review AI-generated insights and evaluate candidate suitability. By presenting information side by side, this update improves the efficiency of the evaluation workflow, enabling employers to make informed hiring decisions more efficiently.

      • The AI assessment result

      • A detailed view of the AI assessment