Traditional recruitment practices challenged through disruption

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Over the last few weeks, 3 “significant” global enterprises have made a strategic decision regarding talent acquisition by engaging the Ubidy solution. They have a corporate goal to secure the best skills and knowledge available and they appreciate that in today’s market it is more than knowing where the talent is. It is about connecting with it before your competition does.

      In transitioning to a cloud-based platform that connects them in “real-time” to an aggregation of the world’s leading talent scouts, Ubidy provides a conduit to a realm of “passive” talent. It connects internal talent acquisition professionals with human capital that does not exist on databases, or is warehoused in an on-line social-media “silo”, but people who exist in networks and communities known only to experienced talent scouts as part of their veiled network of contacts. This is a talent that is beyond the reach of the general recruitment market. It is the place that the very experienced search consultants operate in. It is an eco-system of talent that doesn’t respond to job advertisements or “vacancies” posted on social media by opportunists hoping for some level of response from an ill targeted audience!

      The 3 significant enterprises are considered “opinion leaders” among their peers. High profile brand names who are leaders in aviation, telecommunications and banking where they dominate their respective international markets. They have made a conscious decision to be innovative with their talent acquisition protocol by adopting a solution that puts them ahead of the competition in acquiring talent. This is done expeditiously with a reduced spend per placement.

      It makes sense really that the competitive nature of talent acquisition is causing companies and institutions to reassess the methods by which they have traditionally acquired talent and engage with “new- age technologies” and solutions that connect them with potential employees ahead of the competition! Having options to engage talent is becoming a necessity because PSA’s have become rigorously challenged. They are no longer the panacea that they once were in sourcing talent. The skills set that organisations require today has changed significantly from only 5 years ago. A point in the case, cyber security experts! How many of today’s PSA’s would have the capability of sourcing expertise in this area?

      The evolution of the recruitment market is happening and it is happening very quickly. Organisations who are not investing in their talent acquisition function will be left behind to ponder what could have been!

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