Thought leadership and our journey into outer space…

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Have you really thought about the future of the human race, how sustainable our current economic trajectory is, what the next great leap forward will be in technology, and what direction it will take us… are we just preparing for the inevitable, that being the extinction of human life on earth through some apocalyptic event, and I am not taking about “climate change”. Why are so many countries so invested in “space” and the focus in getting back to the moon, and then beyond?

      What about… do you believe in the concept of probability? Do you believe in “infinity”? Well if your answer is yes to both then we exist Infinitum across the galaxy after galaxy…the same people doing the same things thinking the same thoughts…

      Interesting… perplexing, thought-provoking and the type of stuff that thought leaders have grappled with in recent years.

      In the same mold, what does the future of the jobs market look like? What type of skills will be required, and how will education need to change in order to cater to the evolution of technology? Will there be jobs in the future, and will Ai underpin the new world economy? And then, who is going to be responsible for navigating this transition? How will leadership grapple with the challenges all of this create?

      Well, there is one thing for sure, and no matter whether we are on earth or across the galaxy in some far-flung planetary dustbowl, “talent” will be required and sourcing it will require great skill and knowledge. Preparing for change is where thought leadership comes into play because, without it, we will simply stagnate.

      Have you ever thought who the great thought leaders of our time are and how they have influenced you?

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