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    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      For the initiated, and I am speaking “talent acquisition”, success in any search for talent is driven by an underlying tenant of “engagement”. From the very outset of any recruitment assignment, the lines of communication amongst key stakeholders must be open and clear. This is what underpins “engagement”! There must be clear instructions within the channel, and there must be consistent and open communication between the participants. If internal talent acquisition is dealing with an external agency or search firm, free-flowing communication is key. Clients require “feedback” as do candidates, and when a client closes communication with an agent then the recruitment process is destined for failure.

      Similarly, when using the Ubidy platform it is vital to maintain open and transparent communication. In this world, we live in where candidates are hotly competed for, “urgency” is a word that cannot be undersold. Responsive follow-up and follow-through are often forgotten and as a result, a good candidate gets “lost” to the process. Keeping stakeholders informed whether it be through technology or otherwise is vital for sustaining a positive outcome.

      All too often we see organisations that are providing their talent acquisition team with resources where their entire “narrative” is about “finding the best talent before the competition does”, breaks down because the internal recruitment team is not “engaged”! They think they might be, however they are slow to respond, slow to engage and slow to communicate. The result is they turn the recruitment panel off as the recruiters have got better clients to service! I mean better because they are responsive and the recruiter believes there is a better chance to generate fees with the alternative, and they would be correct in believing this!

      Therefore, when we speak about “engagement”, we are serious about our clients innately responding to their agency panel with clear intent, purpose and urgency. When this happens, successful engagement occurs, and talent is placed!

      When utilising the Ubidy platform there has been a tendency for some operatives to go “off-line” whilst they are “on-line”. The oxygen of any recruitment assignment is communication. Utilising the messenger protocol will keep hiring managers in contact with the agency panel. This can be done discreetly and confidentially, or it can be done in an open forum thus cutting down on the requirement to have multiple conversations if there are multiple agencies engaged. The platform is unique in that it’s “tools” when utilised appropriately will enhance the flow and speed of communication. When not utilised effectively the recruitment process is impacted resulting in reduced success!

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