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    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      For anyone who has ever been involved in agency recruitment and certainly internal talent acquisition, we know all too well the importance of open communication between a hiring lead, TA and the agency. The flow of communication really is akin to “greasing the wheels of industry”, because it is the communication to and throw that is the oxygen of any placement cycle.

      An honest, consistent and regular dialogue will sustain the agency as it manoeuvres to source the most appropriate fit for a vacancy. When there is little to no communication the recruiter is swimming with one arm! They lose focus, hence momentum and the assignment is therefore destined for failure. Regular communication, however, provides focus, encouragement and momentum for the assignment. Candidates are been kept in touch and up to date with progress. The recruiter can fine-tune their search, the client is aware of any potential third-party impediments such as counter-offer or alternative job opportunities the candidate may have which may stall the progress of the placement.

      When “near enough is not quite close enough” for an offer to prevail, this should be communicated to the recruiter and supported by valuable feedback, in a timely manner. To not feedback responsively will only jeopardise the outcome and potentially the relationship with the agency. Good client relationships are GOLD for an agency, and so too are good relationships with agencies as they provide a looking glass to a realm of human capital. In today’s market, being ahead of the competition by knowing where talent is and how to best source it is becoming paramount for any organisation serious about having the best people! Building a cohesive and responsive relationship is paramount for ongoing success in a global market.

      At Ubidy, we have found the most successful outcomes are experienced by those organisations who use the communications links on the platform to communicate, and it never hurts to just pick up the phone and speak with those stakeholders who are “invested” in a positive outcome. All too often a recruitment assignment will fail for no obvious reason other than “we didn’t find the right candidate”, when in fact the communication link was not open and the whole assignment lost momentum and just “withered on the vine!”

      We are currently working with a “significant” brand name in the aviation industry. They are experiencing rapid growth and are acquiring human capital at a rate of knots, so they need to be in touch with talent scouts daily to secure technical, operational, managerial and aviation-specific skills. They are utilising the platform effectively through their coordinated approach to agency engagement. It is not unusual for their team members to just pick the phone up and get the agency on the line to discuss the nuisances of the assignment and to discuss the progress with candidate interviews. To use an old anacronym they are “working it!”, and the fruits of their efforts are about to be realised.

      So, from the team at Ubidy, we encourage our clients as well as our agency partners to foster open and transparent lines of communication throughout the recruitment process. The measure of any assignment is not only in the placement but also that the process was effective and supportive of a positive outcome. Open communication will only enhance the success rate of the assignment!

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