The global demand for skills is accelerating

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      It appears that the transference of skills once again is accelerating internationally. As the covid lockdown that we all had to endure has now abated and the international jobs market is in full recovery, it is very apparent that there is an increasing appetite for both skilled and unskilled labour migrating across borders.

      A recent article in the Guardian Newspaper amplifies this within our very own domestic marketplace,“Australia is on track for net migration of more than 300,000 people this year, more than 25% higher than Treasury forecasts, due to a surge in arrivals, according to a former top immigration official.”

      Australia is not a unique case, as it is a consistent narrative globally!

      The reason it would appear has been in the depletion of skills across all industries from the agricultural sector, through aviation, manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare and aged care, infrastructure, mining, and the list goes on. Whilst most industry sectors took a hit during covid with mass retrenchments, most organisations have once again renewed their demand for skills. However, many of the skills lost during the pandemic are no longer readily available. For example, Qantas Australia’s international airline, massively cut its staffing contingency and are now having to “fight” to reemploy vast numbers of people as their global operations once again gear up. They have this week announced they are reaching out to these retrenched staff in a bid to reengage and build their workforce back up, as the demand for both domestic and international travel grows.

      Many organisations both locally and offshore are searching internationally for skills and the immigration departments of governments are experiencing a surge in foreign nationals wanting to relocate for work related opportunities.

      Then we have “new age” industries such as cyber intelligence and the tech industry that are experiencing an accelerating demand for expertise. The uptake of skills is being supported in many cases through global searching for talent.

      At Ubidy we are seeing a massive surge in hiring across our key markets, from the Middle East, Europe, North America, Asia and here in Australia. The Middle East in particular is experiencing an uplift in demand as countries like Saudi Arabia and their neighbours across the Gulf have expansionary plans afoot, and are embarking on enormous building and infrastructure schemes. The fact that they are all becoming culturally more “liberal” is putting a real spotlight on these counties as a lightning rod for international employment prospects.

      Whilst good people are always in demand, the dynamics of the global jobs market is something we have not experienced before, and the competition for skilled individuals is unprecedented. International economic growth rates, whilst at the lower margin of the pre-covid era, is supporting these migratory trends, and only a global recession at this stage will dampen the prospects for this phenomenon to continue!

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