Talent acquisition without Covid-19

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      As the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic is yet to be realised, organisations and institutions will be strategising on how to keep their businesses going in the short to medium term. I am hearing a great deal with regard to this within the recruitment agency arena, and it is definitely a time for cool heads, strong minds and resounding leadership.

      I can’t say I have seen this before, but I have seen a painful recession and a stock market blow out, all of which created a great deal of economic pain and hardship. It was also during these times that I saw a number of very smart individuals grow their businesses exponentially! Amidst the economic and social carnage, they hired people and drove their businesses aggressively. They took advantage by doing things differently. They adopted new ways, encouraged an open forum when it came to fresh ideas and concentrated on doing the basic things really well!

      With regard to recruitment, talent acquisition personnel are often the front-liners when disasters occur. They are the people with the spirit and enthusiasm that galvanise the overall team. They maintain the pulse of the business. I am seeing it now… this won’t last though, and I hope I am wrong. The scaremongering, the constant media hype, the hourly updates, the mixed messages are all convoluting our sense of “go forward”. But it is a time of opportunity! Seize the moment they say…well do just that!

      Internal recruitment will need to come up with new ways of doing things. Alternative ways of engaging potential hires in the short to medium term. The time has arrived for internal recruitment to adopt Ai. This pandemic is here for some time, and companies, enterprise and institutions have to tackle it head-on. The time for real change has arrived!

      At Ubidy we have developed a unique, world’s first virtual RPO. In real-time our transformational platform connects “talent acquisition” with talent. Without the risk that any face to face engagement may place your hiring team in, Ubidy provides a complete on-line end to end recruitment process. Your team can remain safe as the recruitment process takes place. Smart technology delivering results in real-time… swift, smart and reliable.

      In this current environment, Ubidy is a game changer!

      Global Talent on Demand… Safely, Reliably and Effectively.

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