Talent acquisition ─ upscaling

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      It is interesting the amount of times recently I have been asked about “upscaling” a talent acquisition project. We had a project recently with a client who wanted to engage 365 technical employees in one recruitment programme. This was done successfully, on time and under budget! This is not uncommon particularly in the energy or infrastructure space, and with the amount of projects that have been tabled for the eastern seaboard of Australia post-federal election, we are expecting a massive shortage in skilled and semi-skilled talent right across the jobs environment. We need to get use to this “climate” as it is not just isolated to our domestic market but is, in fact, an international trend.

      Workforces have become transient and talent will follow the lucrative path to where available work exists. Over the last 10 years, we have seen a raft of experienced talent move offshore to the UAE, much of which has returned with the upsurge in demand for people locally within the energy, infrastructure, mining and interestingly education, health and medical markets. Aviation is experiencing its own problems with a worldwide shortage of pilots which is only going to become more profound as international as well as domestic travel becomes more affordable within developing countries in Asia and South America.

      So, upscaling is becoming critical for Talent Acquisition teams as they compete for limited talent, which is in more demand today than it has ever been. To be effective at upscaling your systems and processes supporting a recruitment drive need to be firmly in place to underpin the volume of activity that will ensue. Relying on an established PSA, for instance, may not be sensibly viable as it may not deliver the best result. Often a PSA has been born of a requirement to acknowledge specific areas of expertise that a recruitment company has that will compliment a talent drive, not its ability to recruit volume or multiple jobs to a time frame. Small specialist recruitment companies for instance often lack the resources themselves to effectively scale. So, does your existing PSA panel include recruiters who have expertise as well as the logistical capability to do the job? So, your PSA in its current context may not suit the brief!

      What to do…?

      Your TA team has never done this before or has limited experience… We can help!

      At Ubidy we have the wherewithal to provide you with a seamless, flawless solution that will allow you to upscale in real time, cost-effectively whilst enhancing the engagement of talent. Ubidy has developed a world’s first virtual RPO that connects the best and most experienced talent scouts with the client. No upscaling project is too big as our pre-vetted panel of global recruitment agencies and search firms will be matched to the specific talent and logistical requirements of the project. So, whether it is a local project, an offshore project or talent to be sourced internationally Ubidy can manage the process. We are an extension to an internal TA team, making the process of talent acquisition time responsive and cost effective!

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