Talent acquisition ─ Remotely

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Ubidy is a perfect solution for talent acquisition working by remote. Our Cloud-based technology allows our clients to upload vacancies whilst engaging an aggregation of leading recruitment companies, on-line and in real-time!

      We assist our enterprise clients to recruit within local precincts, regionally as well as across borders. The hiring leader can access the platform and review all current vacancies, recruiter as well as agency engagement, and be able to see at any point in time the stage at which the recruitment exercise is at. Further, Ubidy has a complete diagnostic tool attached, so not only does the technology offer workplace planning but “time in motion” functionality whilst supporting talent acquisition efficiencies.

      So, your talent acquisition team can operate remotely in a safe and secure environment, placing jobs swiftly!

      Ubidy | Global Talent on Demand

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