Talent acquisition health check

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Have you ever thought that the reason why your internal recruitment team is not delivering is that it is under-resourced… just maybe?

      In a previous life, I was pitching to a global engineering firm who you would expect would have every known resource at their fingertips to assist them with attracting the very best talent. To the contrary! I found out from the Head of Talent Acquisition at the time that the recruitment team were “judged” on the external recruitment fees they had in fact saved in placing their allocated vacancies. Meanwhile, this marquee project they had won was in fear of suffering a major penalty from the “client” because staffing numbers had not been met and the project, in all likelihood, was going to stall.

      Ironic that a project worth many hundreds of millions could be affected by the talent acquisition team’s unwillingness to use external resources, which by the way would be insignificant compared to the profit on the project.

      The end result was that after the global CEO became aware of this, the company threw every possible financial resource at getting their numbers set! A “eureka moment” for the recruitment industry as word went out that the company needed people and quickly!

      Crazy, but it happens! Talent Acquisition is often left to its own devices. It is expected to perform day in and day out without consideration being given to the growing talent shortage that is a worldwide phenomenon. Enterprise is having to compete for ever-dwindling human capital. Just think about the “infrastructure” environment which has a massive amount of activity on a national basis. From the rail, to water, mining, military, telecommunications, construction to transport. Organisations are competing for talent which is becoming more difficult to find and even more difficult to secure!

      At Ubidy we assist enterprise with safeguarding against these types of scenarios because we connect our partners with passive talent that they would not otherwise have access to. When skills are in short supply, or when the company needs to source talent in unfamiliar territory, or when the race is on to get the project “set”, Ubidy provides a talent acquisition solution designed to assist with access to talent, in real time and cost-effectively. We support internal talent acquisition teams to meet their budgets by seamlessly connecting them with the skills and experience they are seeking to recruit.

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