Talent acquisition… from vanilla to wow!

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Today I had cause to reflect just how far we have come in the world of recruitment. The days of running a SEEK advertisement, willing a solid response, interviewing a handful of candidates and then presenting a shortlist… depending on the position description, location, temperament of market etc. etc. it could take weeks to have a candidate in place for a start!

      This afternoon we had an online request from a client wanting to list an executive appointment on the Ubidy platform, time 12 pm. At 12.10 pm we placed the position online and 3 minutes later our first “recruitment partner” from Perth applied to provide a shortlist of candidates that matched the brief. 2 minutes later the second agency applied from Melbourne and a minute after that the 3rd agency applied from Sydney. Several minutes later one of the agencies posted a question to the client, again online, and all 3 agencies who had applied to work on this recruitment assignment saw the question and response.

      So in just 20 minutes a vacancy with the full position description and supporting documentation, terms of engagement i.e. placement fee, guarantee period, payment schedule, were viewed by 3 pre-vetted agencies who applied to work on the vacancy were accepted by the client and now are working towards a shortlist before the closing of business today. A position being worked on by 3 exceptional recruitment agencies across east coast markets were in all likelihood the successful candidate will come from.

      How far have we come in such a short time… “disruption” providing speed to market across a broad geographic footprint with the best talent providers!

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