Talent acquisition… and the investment in the process

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Often, we lose sight of the value of being truly invested in the recruitment process when using external recruiters. Sure, it is ultimately about the outcome which is selecting the right skills and experience as well as an individual who matches the cultural nuisances of the organisation. It is far more though because the process allows the company to promote itself to a larger constituency than the shortlisted candidate. It in effect allows the company to reach into candidate pools that it would not otherwise have access to, and it promotes the company within the broader jobs market.

      Whilst recruitment can be difficult, time-consuming and at times fruitless, developing relationships with external recruiters can be immensely beneficial to an internal talent acquisition regime. Experienced capable recruiters are a window to talent even in times when a company is not recruiting. Market intelligence on which skills are where, and what is being paid in which companies can provide strategic advantage once a company decides to go to market. Communication in all of this is key! Valuing a relationship and investing in a process with a recruiter encourages the best outcomes both now and in the future. Engagement as if there is a real partnership will bring benefits way beyond one successful placement. Recruitment relationships are strengthened through repeat business. Don’t get me wrong, the fee is all important but that is the collateral from doing what you should be doing. Real satisfaction comes from making a difference and supporting the strategic focus of the client’s business and assisting with the growth in their human capital.

      So, for a talent acquisition framework to be effective when sourcing through external recruiters, investing time and effort is immensely important for current and future outcomes. Being loyal to the process and offering open communication, being responsive and providing feedback is the oxygen that nurtures a successful result and encourages a two-way long-term relationship!

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