Preparing for the leap forward post Covid-19

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Great organisations grow when times are tough. They refocus, develop growth building strategies, galvanise their client relationships, and message their employees in a very cogent and forthright manner. You see the employees are the message bearers, the trend-setters, the agents of change and the champions of the future. The competition, by the way, can please itself!

      Have you ever seen in a difficult market an organisation who grows exponentially against the rest? We all know who they are… I worked for one who’s meteoric rise was legendary. But organisations such as… Ray White. Entrepreneurial, risk-takers, big on courage, a winning attitude, and you could say a lot more to paint the picture of who they are. But these organisations are constantly preparing to win because losing is not an option. They spend little time being innovative but a lot of time “farming” great ideas and then harnessing them. They have inspirational leadership which is born from a deep, soulful, and smart culture, and the people that run the joint are highly motivated and inspiring. They lead from being in the middle… grabbing their workers by the scruff and projecting them forward, and at the same time being right by their side!

      You watch what happens as we begin to roll out of this crisis… it is happening already… green shoots, optimistic dialogue, deals being done, staff back to work.

      So, if you have not started planning your recovery process then you are well behind the game. If you haven’t rationalised your business, cut costs, employed new resources, engaged the “new-age” of digital offering, all the while projecting to your staff what the future is likely to look like, then you better catchup or get out of the game. The future is arriving today!

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