Pace of change…Talent Acquisition

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      As the world is becoming rapidly more dependent on digitalised analysis through data analytics it is interesting to observe the change that is occurring in the jobs market. Traditional disciplines are making way for jobs that were once inconceivable. This brave new world is changing so rapidly that we are having to invent jobs to fill in the gaps. Who ten years ago had heard of “cyber intelligence”? Every day we hear about enterprise creating a new discipline to either grant them a market advantage, mitigate risk, or protect the “asset base”.

      There is one thing for sure in this evolving world, and that is the pace of change is accelerating!

      Did you know that our knowledge base is growing by 100 per cent every 5 to 10 years (this is not a trick question), and there is no indication of this slowing as social media and all sorts of technological platforms disrupt our way of thinking! Even the world of recruitment, or as it is now called “talent acquisition” has fallen to this world of change, through disruption. This enormous industry has seen so much change in such a short period of time, whereas once upon a time like it’s cousin the real estate industry, there was little change in how things were done for decades.

      The disruption that has bowled over the recruitment industry is seeing technology taking over much of the operational aspects of talent acquisition. Targeting candidates, matching skills against jobs, assessing past performance and pitching this against the requirements set out in a detailed job brief can fairly much be automated. Where true talent comes into play within the recruitment industry is the communication and relationship piece. Understanding a business and being able to source talent “coherently” to brief, day in and day out is a gift. “Standout” recruiters are just that. They possess a unique talent that many others have no way of replicating. They have access to talent that is not found on databases. They are simply “tapped in” through years of applying their skill, developing their networks and establishing their credibility by placing jobs!

      How do we know who these individuals are? Well, at Ubidy we have developed a diagnostic tool which forensically analyses, in real-time, our agency partners. Our technology dashboard allows us to extract data in real-time so a client can assess “all things” relative to a recruiter’s performance. Things like how long it takes to shortlist a position; how many candidates they have referred get to interview; how many referrals are made to placement; the time it takes to place a vacancy. When you get into the analysis you can see at a glance who are the effective talent scouts.

      At Ubidy we were created out of a desire to disrupt and now we are inventing ways to further enhance our solution, making it more relevant for talent acquisition. Quicker and faster, better for less!

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