Mining for geologists

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      With a resources environment so hungry for talent, mining companies are having to strategically rethink their TA sourcing protocols.

      Did you know that in the world of geology the Middle East has a similar set of geo-technical issues and demands not too dissimilar to our own Australian landscape, so it is easier to transfer skills from that environment than say the USA, which has its own unique requirements when it comes to geological knowledge and skills!

      Point in case… we were called upon to assist one of the world’s most prominent gold producers who were experiencing great difficulty in securing 5 geologists for a major project in Arizona. Within 12 hours we had the company engaged with a boutique recruiter who had developed their specialisation in geological recruitment over 25 years. The first appointment was made within a week and all 5 appointments successfully transacted within 5 weeks. The client had been resigned to commencing a global search because of the specific skills they were seeking. We averted that would have been an extensive and somewhat expensive search as we had the technology to place the client within a realm of passive talent, they would not otherwise have had access to!

      A unique set of circumstances where Ubidy provided the introduction and engagement across our transformational cloud-based platform.

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