Jobs market… Pre-election

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      An interesting market observation in the world of talent acquisition is just how active the recruitment industry currently is. Traditionally, the period prior to a State or Federal election sees the market cool considerably. Not now. Almost every recruitment company we at Ubidy have engaged with over the last 4 weeks has said how busy they are filling vacancies. The market is buoyant and there is considerable “movement” taking place around the nation. Of course, the energy and mining markets are leading the charges however education, professional services, financial services, I.T. and technical, health, transport as well as local and state governments are all busily engaging new talent. We are hopeful irrespective of the electoral outcome that this can be sustained.

      Whether this phenomenon is a factor of the electorate has already decided on the outcome of the election, or in fact that most people are well over the political ramblings of our politicians, it appears business is “just getting on with it”.

      I must admit amongst all of this, some of the advertising has been beyond the pale and the volume of advertising quite staggering. All I can say is that as Australians we vote with our hearts and our minds for the most, and the electorate is a lot smarter than the pollies give us credit for. We can only hope for is and that business continues to flourish and the economic stability we have enjoyed for the past 3 decades continues!

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