Jobs Market Insight

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Director of Sales Australia and New Zealand at Ubidy


      For most of us the last four months have been perilous. Border closures, daily COVID
      numbers either escalating or declining, quarantine breaches, political posturing, Royal
      Commissions, and of course elderly deaths in our aged care facilities. No wonder the
      community does not know where we are heading with all of this. There are however signs
      that the jobs market is turning!

      For what it is worth there are pockets of renewed demand for talent. Clearly health care is
      experiencing increased demand for workers but outside the epicentre of the pandemic,
      telecommunications, mining, infrastructure, government, IT are all showing signs of growing
      demand. Whilst the economic recovery might seem some way off, the commercial sector in
      part is leading a spirited fight-back of sorts. In speaking regularly with recruitment agencies,
      the general narrative that I am hearing is “unpredictability with irregular high demand”.
      Sustaining momentum will depend on continued government stimulus. Government support
      for large scale projects in mining as well as infrastructure, technology, security,
      telecommunications to name but a few talent “hotspots” will require long-term commitment

      The timing for such investment has never been cheaper in terms of the cost of funding, and
      available talent has probably never been more accessible. Obviously, boarder restrictions
      will have an impact domestically on the transference of human capital however the
      prospects for reducing the unemployment rate in the short term look sound. The rebirth of
      the Australian manufacturing sector is already occurring as Australia like many of its trading
      partners redefine global supply channels. There is a massive government push to re-build
      our manufacturing base and this will occur swiftly with investment already falling in line to
      support this government initiative.

      Australians have always been resourceful. We have a reputation for never giving up in the
      face of adversity. I believe we are in good shape to “seize” upon our current economic
      misfortune. Our domestic marketplace, our regional economy, and our international free
      trade agreements are all combining to lift our long-term economic prospects, which will have
      a magnified effect on our jobs market.

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