Job market rebounding

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      There is much talk surrounding the Jobseeker, Job keeper initiates the Government launched several months ago to combat the unemployment crisis with the latest controversy highlighting the difficulties employers are having engaging new staff. Any wonder with some of those affected by the economy being placed in a coma not wanting to go back to work whilst being paid above the odds compared to their previous take-home pay. Clearly the jobs market is beginning to rebound so the Government is caught with paying out an extraordinary amount of money to underpin the security of those who have been stood down, as well as addressing the significant unemployment issue that we now find ourselves in. Come September this may end, but we know there will be a significant number of companies go under once Job keeper is put to rest.

      It is a time for “cool heads” and rational thinking on the Government’s part because the economic tight rope they are walking could be catastrophic if the wrong levers are pulled. For my part, it is alarming just how many private sector personnel are on the subsidy as their employers’ fight to regain financial traction. However, the fact that there are jobs that are not being filled is a concern with far-reaching ramifications for us all.

      I would say to those seeking talent and who are finding the environment challenging there are solutions. The recruitment industry is screaming out to engage in new job opportunities with employers. They are willing to leverage themselves in many cases with clients at rates that reflect the market conditions. Gone are the days of a “big demand” for talent. Project-related vacancies within the infrastructure industry and construction roles are on the rise, and interestingly technology and communications industry positions are plentiful, but for most the market is soft.

      At Ubidy we have developed a talent acquisition solution that places employers in direct contact with leading recruitment agencies across a transformational cloud-based platform. In real-time, the employer registers job vacancies and then the solution identifies talent “scouts” with the appropriate candidate networks who then shortlist those opportunities. Elongated recruitment processes are a thing of the past. Swift, agile, and efficient! For organisations having difficulties sourcing talent, there is a new age solution to talent acquisition. Whether it is a local position, regionally based or an international requirement, Ubidy provides a world’s first solution. In two years, we have sourced people in over 30 countries and our reach is growing.

      So, don’t get weighed down with a vacant seat, check us out at

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