Is your talent acquisition PSA failing you…?

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      The tradition PSA model, “Preferred Supplier Arrangement”, has in recent times come under pressure from “disruption” to the recruitment industry. The tried and tested way of engaging with agencies through a panel, which has been carefully crafted is not necessarily providing the success that it once was. The jobs market for one is changing so rapidly that agencies who have held a position of “authority” on a PSA panel are now being challenged about their suitability to recruit a certain role. Technological development has seen a wave of new disciplines within the communications, mining and energy, medicine, defence industries, and the list goes on! When did you first hear of “data-analytics”? It wouldn’t have been that long ago! Likewise, “cyber intelligence”, and now most medium to large enterprise need to engage with these types of specialists to ensure the security of their company, their staff as well as their assets.

      That is why I say that the tradition PSA model is coming under fire as organisations struggle to secure appropriate human capital. I was recently speaking with a financial services company about the “new-age” expertise they were attempting to secure, and they had no idea who the specialist agencies were who recruited these types of people. The Head of Talent Acquisition was about to engage their PSA panel, and clearly there was reticence about its ability to fill the jobs. You would expect that the Head of Talent Acquisition of a high-profile bank would know which agency to engage with to elicit the right result.

      It is even more challenging when the recruitment process occurs across boarders! Sitting in a HR office in Australia and not knowing which agencies to engage in the Middle East. Asia, North America or Europe can be a very stressful situation to be in and destined for failure!

      There is a solution to all of this. At Ubidy we have developed a TA solution that allows the client to engage in real-time with talent acquisition executives on a global basis. We had a client in Texas who at the same time they were sourcing talent in the US were also seeking to appoint specialist individuals in North Africa as well as Asia. Ubidy provided them with access to an aggregation of recruiters across the world who specialised in procuring talent in the required disciplines. No negotiation, no “red-tape”, just speed to market with swift effective shortlisting. Ubidy handled the “tripartite” agreement, the pace of the engagement and the currency transfers once the placements occurred. A cloud-based solution, easy to use and swift in bringing an “effective placement” in on time and under budget.

      So, if you are concerned that your PSA is inhibiting your ability to attract talent, speak to us at Ubidy!

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