“If you are green you grow, but if you are ripe you rot…”

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Ray Kroc who was the brainchild of the fast food revolution that took hold of America to the extent that fast food is as much a part of the american dream as is fast cars, Elvis Presley and coconut cream pie. He was also the person who coined the phrase “If you are green you grow, and if you are ripe you rot”. What he meant was that if you ever stopped learning and hence developing in your job and personal life, well work it out for yourself!

      Companies are no different. Innovative smart companies host a culture of learning. A culture where employees are inspired, where talent is “engaged” and thought leadership flourishes. To be in an environment that lacks entrepreneurial spirit, that does not embrace alternate opinion and has not grasped the concept that people are the real “capital” in enterprise, is career suicide. To be apart of a company that encourages new and differing ways of doing things, that applauds innovation and celebrates the pursuit of employee satisfaction has become the benchmark of most people’s job search. Why would you be attracted to anything less.

      At Ubidy we work with organisations that are global industry leaders, who attract the best talent because that they offer an environment where people thrive professionally and personally. Environments where people are inspired, where they can innovate and at the same time experience a platform for learning. They are “growing” environments! A good example is Virgin. From the company’s inception their narrative has always been about their people. Sir Richard Branson coined the phrase “the most important thing in this company is the people”, not the customer because if the employees are cared for, encouraged and nurtured the customer experience will be first-class.

      So just remember when sourcing talent the best and most capable people will always be attracted to learning organisations, and in turn these organisations will flourish and prosper as will their people.

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