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    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Does “executive search” still hold that mantel for being the blue-ribbon service of the recruitment industry, commanding massive fees whilst operating behind a veil of secrecy? Well amongst the corporate elite of course it does. CEOs still hold the view that by dolling out senior-level search assignments to international search firms ingratiates them somehow, and that maybe they might be considered for the next big appointment by whomever they are engaging with. More or less an “old boys club”, or in current day parlance “being connected”!

      Over the years though I have seen many great recruiters build their own practices to incorporate an executive search product. Very capable operatives with brilliant networks as well as the ability to pick the phone up and have the call answered, rather than blocked by the EA. Authorities in their own right with fantastic reputations, and an inherent ability to target the right talent and put the “placement to bed”. Don’t get me wrong though, because a number of the global search firms are exceptional. They are well resourced with research apparatus; they have notable consultants with big reputations and they do regularly fill their jobs. I have to say though, with a smile on my face, that one of these Sydney based firms would regularly fail on their assignments and I would invariably pick the brief up and fill the assignment. So much for briefing the “Sydney heavyweights”!

      Executive search has evolved as the recruitment market has aged. The use of “advertised recruitment” has really to a large part fallen away as on-line platforms like LinkedIn have provided almost unbridled access to a large proportion of the white-collar jobs market. By circumstance, recruiters have been required to build their repertoire of skills to include “searching” which is a completely different art form to normal recruitment. Whether for most they possess the knowledge, network and research skills that underpin a successful campaign remain to be seen. So, in reaching out to an agency to perform “search” could be hit and miss with the result.

      At Ubidy we provide our clients with access to the leading recruitment agencies and executive search operatives on a global basis. We take the “guesswork” out of selecting an appropriate “talent scout” and what our solution does recognize is the need to expedite the process swiftly, efficiently, and where the level of the fee doesn’t necessarily determine the caliber of the consultant engaged! Whether it is a local, regional or international search to be conducted Ubidy puts you within direct reach of the very best executive search exponents without spending extortionate fees!

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