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    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Amidst the recent economic carnage that the COVID-19 crisis has dealt, the recruitment industry has seen a swathe of retrenchments across the board. Internal talent acquisition teams have been devastated with reports of entire teams being let go within some of Australia’s most notable commercial organisations. I can think of one such company who is an icon in the mining services area who over the last few weeks have retrenched all but two from their Australian team. This is a significant loss not just for the company and those staff, but also the industry as a whole. The devastation is potentially enormous as the loss of IP is one thing but losing the calibre of these people can have an adverse effect on the company for years to come.

      If there was ever a time to review recruitment strategies as well as new talent acquisition technologies, it is now. With the global pandemic restricting fact to face engagement and the subsequent downturn in recruitment activities, redefining how organisations will compete for talent within an ever-decreasing candidate pool should be an absolute priority. We are already experiencing an upturn in the domestic jobs market albeit patchy, with some agencies already reporting renewed demand for their services. This is only going to gather pace as the economy rebounds, so being in front of the curve with new talent attraction protocols will only enhance an organisations ability to spot both active and passive talent and then secure it.

      Whilst I would like to say there is an overwhelming trend occurring globally with the uptake of artificial intelligence as a result of the pandemic, this has been occurring for some time. The crisis has only magnified this, and now the recruitment industry and its talent acquisition counterparts are having to embrace new technologies quickly. The retrenchments I mentioned are having an accelerated effect on this.

      At Ubidy we are supporting both talent acquisition within the enterprise as well as the agency world by putting them both within easy reach of job vacancies and talent in “real-time”. By combining their mutual requirements across a transformational platform, our enterprise clients are able to secure talent swiftly and at the same time agencies are introduced to job vacancies with organisations they may never have an opportunity to recruit for.

      In the same vein, organisations who have culled their internal talent acquisition personnel are able to reactivate their recruitment processes seamlessly with technology that can be introduced in a matter of minutes. Line managers with a hiring requirement need not stress because they now have access to a world’s first talent acquisition protocol that is easy to use, fast and reliable.

      Whilst we have not revolutionised the world of recruitment, Ubidy does represent the new age of recruitment!

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