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    • Paul O’loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      How often have you heard a hiring manager say “we need this job placed yesterday!”. Well the reality is when sourcing talent time is usually the essence of a successful placement. Like an exceptional meal which often has it’s foundation in the recipe, the freshness of the ingredients, the skill and love that generates an unforgettable culinary experience, recruitment is no different. Or it was up until recently!

      Many years ago I was told by one of the doyennes of the recruitment industry “we better prepare ourselves for a tsunami of technology that will redefine how we target, attract and engage talent, or else many recruitment companies will become obsolete to the industry!”

      Well the disruption has arrived and the recruitment industry is beginning to be challenged. Interestingly most of that challenge is coming not through the “disruption piece”, but in fact through the skills shortage. Almost every industry whether it be health care or aged care, technology, security, energy, mining, infrastructure or transport. All are having to assess their Talent Acquisition Strategies to look for new and innovative ways to source their human capital which is being fiercely competed for. Those who are doing this quicker then the rest will dominate their markets as they will secure the best talent first. The rest can please themselves!

      At Ubidy we have created a cloud based talent acquisition solution that places medium to large enterprise in a position of market advantage, allowing access to passive talent on a global scale. Our clients are able to source skills swiftly and cost effectively, “out-reaching” competitors by tapping into candidates who are non traditional job seekers. Candidates who often sit at arms length who are not listed on data bases or behind job boards, but are part of a realm of passive networks that only the most experienced or specialised search consultants are aware of!

      At Ubidy we have developed a truly unique talent acquisition solution that is challenging traditional recruitment processes. To find out more about it go to our web site:

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