Rio Tinto | Canadian team, placing in Finland via Greece!

    • Ubidy’s Global Reach

      A short story about the global reach of Ubidy’s talent sourcing capability.

      by Paul O’Loughlin, Global Director of Agencies of Ubidy

      Rio Tinto, the world’s largest mining company, had a requirement for a senior technical appointment in Finland. The talent request was launched from their Montreal office, who had sourcing jurisdiction for North America as well as Northern and Eastern Europe.

      Within minutes of the TR being uploaded and launched on the platform our agency panel was automatically alerted through the algorithm which matched the job requirements against our agency partners’ capabilities. Several agencies were invited to review the requirements of the talent request, responding with automated online applications. This was all triggered through the platform in real-time, notifying the client of their interest to work with the client in filling the vacancy, and with the client subsequently responding by accepting the agencies to work on the talent request.

      One of the agency partners which was accepted to service the engagement was based in Athens. Having been alerted by the algorithm, and then applying to work on the engagement, they were accepted and this all took a few moments. The agency then commenced sourcing immediately.

      The recruitment process from that moment evolved expeditiously with the Greek agency effectively matching the requirements of the job description against a candidate. The specifics of the brief were tight, so the ability of this agency to hand pick a suitable candidate in a short period of time was remarkable, but not unpredictable. What transpired was a successful placement being made within two and a half weeks!
      The process however did not end there as the backend of the recruitment process had to be completed. This is an automated function of the platform and almost effortless because upon the client notifying Ubidy of a successful placement through the platform, a triggered response is sent through to our finance department who then raises the invoice.

      Two and a half weeks later the invoice was settled!

      In concluding, this anecdote highlights the capability of the Ubidy platform to connect clients and specialist agencies anywhere in the world in real-time. Through a technology company based in Brisbane, Australia having a global client with a talent requirement in Northern Europe, driven by their internal talent acquisition team based in Montreal, filling the vacancy through an agency in Athens…remarkable! Ubidy is a truly global sourcing solution providing reach, speed to market, and access to the best global expertise, in a cost-effective way.

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