Kal Tire’s South African Placement from an American Agency

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      A short story about Ubidy’s ability to provide international sourcing capability.

      by Paul O’Loughlin, Global Director of Agencies of Ubidy

      Kal Tire is a Canadian mining services company, highly specialised in providing tyre technology and servicing for large scale capital equipment. The company had a unique requirement to place a Finance Director in their office in Johannesburg South Africa. The problem was they had no knowledge of the local jobs market, nor contacts within the recruitment industry who could fill the requirements of this appointment.

      The Global HR Director reached out to the Ubidy head office in Brisbane, being based herself in the far reaches of Canada, in Vernon BC. She needed assistance to fill the role quickly through specialised recruiters who knew the market for senior level finance executives and could appoint an excellent individual in Kal Tire’s South Africa head office.

      We assisted the client by immediately launching the talent request on the platform. We observed in real-time the technology that underpins the platform’s capability, matching agencies from our global panel against the specific requirements of this difficult appointment. Within only minutes several specialist agencies were invited to participate, and within moments after that a panel had been confirmed and its members commenced sourcing. It was within an hour that one of these agencies had shortlisted the role. A specialised accounting agency in Colorado!

      So we have a technology company headquartered in Brisbane with a client based in a remote part of Canada, seeking to appoint a Finance Executive in South Africa, with an agency in Colorado USA. The role was successfully placed with a uniquely skilled candidate with specialist accounting skills meeting Kal Tire’s niche requirements.

      The underlying tenet of this story is that there is no vacancy anywhere in the world that Ubidy can’t satisfy through its specialised agency panel!

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