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    • Client: Global source of a vast number of skilled people for a global oil and gas giant

      One of the world’s top 3 energy giants, who traditionally specialised in oil and gas production, were embarking upon significant cultural change as well as radical diversification and expansion into both blue and green energy. To meet their strategic goals, the company decided to facilitate this new age “change” by sourcing talent from around the world.


    • problem

      Multiple challenges
      Given the highly competitive nature of talent sourcing in the global energy market and the pace of change with new technologies, the company had to get “ahead of the competition”. To do this they needed to spot exceptional people, engage with them, and subsequently hire them.

      They required a broad panel incorporating specialist petro-chemical recruiters, blue and green sourcing operatives, as well as generalist recruiters and exponents of executive search to fill vacancies across engineering, construction, marine, consultancy, banking and finance, risk and analysis, HR, accounting and administration, sales and marketing, cyber, IT, procurement, office support, communications and PR, brand management, medical and veterinary, and the list goes on. A complex multilayered workforce to complement existing numbers already employed and new recruits to assist in redefining the company’s expertise and product offering.

    • implication

      The cost of failing
      With billions of dollars on the line, missing these many key hires could lead to the entire strategic program grinding to a halt. The window of opportunity is driven by favourable market conditions and so the recruitment process needed to happen now before the favourable circumstances for hiring were lost.

    • root cause

      Traditional sourcing limitations
      The initial challenge was for Ubidy to assess the client’s traditional sourcing methods which could not support the uptake of human capital within the designated times lines, nor the volume of people required. The company had to recognise the need to adopt a swifter, more innovative approach to recruitment, incorporating the latest sourcing technology which would facilitate their immense talent sourcing requirements.

    • solution

      Solution provided
      Over a two-year period of intense negotiations Ubidy was able to deliver a solution that would satisfy their almost insatiable appetite for new recruits, by assembling an international panel of agency partners in the Middle East, Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. Added to this would be a compliment of existing agencies, already members of Ubidy’s agency recruitment marketplace.

    • The enormity of this industrial client impacts the global economy

      Protocol launched with a massive win
      Through the engagement of Ubidy, significant benefits to both the client and the agency panel were realised as they no longer had to navigate through a difficult and convoluted procurement process to be accepted onto the Ubidy panel. The agencies were pre-vetted by Ubidy and given access to the client which would take only a matter of days and not six or more months. This resulted in a significant time and cost saving to the client because the recruitment process could be launched and managed in real-time.

      recruitment strategy

      By implementing Ubidy’s recruitment marketplace the company now had immediate access to active and passive talent through Ubidy’s newly constructed agency panel. Across the four quarters of the world the recruitment strategy was launched with increasing numbers each year. Many roles required multiple hires, in one case over 90 new hires under that job title.

    • The downstream benefits were enormous
      Positive results in the new hiring protocol became quickly evident, however there were still immense challenges which we encountered along the way. For instance, recruiters who are normally used to a fast assignment turnaround needed to adapt to almost each placement being affected by lengthy processes involving:

      hiring process

      This required patience from both our agency partners as well as the candidates.

      This had become an issue requiring education and handholding on both sides. The client needed to part with much of their traditional and bureaucratic recruiting habits and the agencies had to be continually updated on the progress of each recruitment assignment. We had to continually work with the client’s internal processes resulting in significant time savings and more fluid dialogue between the client and the agencies.

      A revolution in swift global talent acquisition
      Today we can acknowledge that we continue to support our client who have been able to achieve their milestones of employing a vastly different and more complex workforce. Ubidy is now in the process of integrating with the client’s internal candidate management system with the Ubidy’s agency recruitment marketplace, which will provide:

      Ubidy has been instrumental in underpinning the growth and diversity aspirations of one of the world’s most significant commercial entities, through the introduction of a world’s first, new-age, on-line recruitment protocol. The vastness and diversity of their international workforce continues to be complemented through the client’s ongoing use of Ubidy.

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