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Coverage: Middle East

    • Background
      MIG Holding is part of the larger Mawarid Group of Companies (MHC), owner of one of the leading insurance and reinsurance organizations in the Middle East. Through its subsidiaries ACE and DAMANA, MIG boasts a comprehensive portfolio and a uniquely diverse clientele. The group possesses over 65 years of experience in the industry with  unparalleled local knowledge and global reach.

    • problem

      Dubai based MIG was challenged to find skills for a new division which was required for the future product strategy. This traditional process of contacting agencies had proved less than effective as well as being a significant cost to the organisation. MIG had utilised agency services in the past but they had no appreciation for who were the relevant “specialists” across jobs categories, and therefore did not know who to approach.

    • implication

      Recruitment is an expensive process for a company to embark upon. There is the direct cost of engaging an agency and having them source the required talent, there is the time involved in appropriately preparing for the agency engagement, who often will want to meet and take a brief, then there is the ongoing time associated with candidate interviews, feedback, negotiating offers and onboarding. Getting the process wrong is immensely expensive – lost hours for the various people involved in the process and the cost and impact on the organisation and its people.

    • root cause

      Root causes
      Organisations do not necessarily place value in establishing relationships with “talent scouts”. They often see them as a necessary evil and will only engage a recruitment company when necessary. Some companies have established relationships that run under a PSA (Preferred Supplier Arrangement), but these are not always effective in sourcing particularly specialised people as the PSA agencies are not always specialised in sourcing in that field.

    • solution

      Through the Ubidy solution, MIG was able to efficiently connect, review and transact with Ubidy’s established regional agency panel to find the skills and expertise required. Previously the company had struggled with connecting with the most suitable recruitment companies who possessed relevant candidate networks, and as a result the recruitment process had been ineffective at times.

      Ubidy provided a regional panel of agencies which had proven experience in the relevant industry as well as the sourcing capability to deliver a first-class shortlist of candidates.

    • Benefits

      MIG - Benefits

      Ubidy continues to work with MIG on new campaigns requiring agency driven talent acquisition. MIG appreciates that Ubidy places its hiring managers in direct contact with specialist recruiters anywhere in the world, in real-time. It reduces the complex nature of having to research and establish who is the most suitable agency for each recruitment assignment. It also allows MIG to recruit vast amounts of talent at once, or highly specialised people who are often difficult to find and manage the entire process (including payments) through one recruitment agency platform. This has brought a radical change in thinking to MIG and its talent sourcing protocol.

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