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    • Without knowledge of local job markets, how do you source engineering talent?

      Jacobs Solutions Inc. is an American international technical professional services firm. The company provides engineering, technical, professional and construction services, as well as scientific and specialty consulting for a broad range of clients globally, including private companies and government agencies.

      With a new large project in Morocco, the challenge of finding a senior maintenance manager for their site was critical.

    • problem

      The challenge of recruiting in a remote location
      Jacobs had no agency network within the region and with limited access to talent on the ground, the employer was unsure of how to go about engaging specialist agencies to satisfy a critical hiring issue. Without skilled maintenance staff at site, the client could experience significant downtime on the project, so not having a maintenance manager was not an option.

    • implication

      What happens when you get it wrong
      Mining and gas extraction are labour intensive and time critical professions. Having the appropriate staff contingencies on site is a critical issue. Not having the right human capital at hand or adequate skills to cover roles, often across multiple disciplines, can have devastating effects on project management. Down time and cost overruns significantly impact the success of a project and not having vital jobs placed on site can have a disastrous overall financial impact, resulting in project cancellation.

    • root cause

      The cause? Insufficient skills on the ground
      Often with isolated mine sites there are inadequate contingencies in place to satisfy emergency staffing issues. Deployment of skills is an age-old problem, and in this case the company had insufficient skills to cover the vacancy, so they had to commence a recruitment process to alleviate the problem. The underlying issue with commencing a recruitment process was that the company had no established network of agencies who could swiftly satisfy their requirements in Morocco.

    • solution

      The remedy
      Ubidy was engaged to provide access to a global recruitment agency marketplace of recruitment firms who specialised in the provision of mining personnel, and specifically in this case an experienced maintenance manager for an isolated site in North Africa. The Ubidy solution was able to connect the employer with a specialist agency in Europe who submitted candidates from their existing network, quickly and seamlessly. Jacobs was able to identify a suitable maintenance manager from the shortlist and successfully appointed the role.

    • An effective global sourcing solution provided exceptional benefits

      Utilizing Ubidy cut recruiting costs significantly (over 30% in the first month), and the quality of candidates increased dramatically. Recruitment timeframes were half of what they had been traditionally.Jacobs - Ratings

      In this specific case, it allowed the client to search effectively across international borders without the need to individually brief agencies and then manage the recruitment cycle which, in itself, can dramatically increase the time to acquire an appropriate candidate.

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