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    • INDEVCO’s cross-border sourcing challenge

      Historical background
      INDEVCO Group (Industrial Development Company), are a diversified manufacturing and industrial services consultancy. Headquartered in Lebanon, they have grown across the Middle East to the United States, Europe, and Africa, supplying converting machinery, raw materials, packaging, consumer disposables, and renewable energy products.

    • problem

      A profound issue in sourcing international skills
      As a multinational manufacturing company, INDEVCO faced challenges with acquiring talent across borders especially regarding transferable visas within the Middle East.

      The problem was the company had difficulties acquiring good people because they did not have an effective agency engagement protocol in place to support ongoing recruitment and were faced with visa related issues when sourcing high calibre people into the company’s geographic footprint.

    • implication

      The costs of not getting it right
      Talent acquisition is a critical function of any company’s human resources strategic plan. Success is often underpinned by having the right people in place, as well as the sourcing capability to target and engage with potential employees, when required. Without this, productivity, profitability, growth, are all negatively impacted, and a company’s strategic initiatives will often fail as a direct result of not possessing effective sourcing capabilities.

    • root cause

      Scaling the border
      INDEVCO have traditionally faced a range of problems beginning with geopolitical issues associated with the company’s origins, to its international operations that cross many borders. Having a dedicated and coordinated global talent acquisition protocol is a challenge many organisations face, and often they don’t realise until it is too late. Being able to secure excellent people swiftly is a necessary part of conducting business in the current era. You must however have the right systems, processes, and protocols in place to manage this.

    • solution

      A new global agency recruitment marketplace delivered
      Ubidy provided a single vendor solution to centralise regional agency engagement and connect the employer with a diversified range of agencies who could offer access to networks of passive candidates. Further, Ubidy’s solution placed INDEVCO firmly in the global talent marketplace. Borders were no longer an issue as the solution provides unfettered access to a pre-vetted aggregation of Ubidy’s global agency partnership. The client now has access to talent across the Middle East and beyond which relinquished the cross-border sourcing issues the company has previously faced.

    • The end result

      Ubidy provided a single vendor solution to centralise regional agency engagement and connect the employer with a diversified range of agencies who could offer access to networks of passive candidates, in real-time. Through the Ubidy agency recruitment marketplace, the employer was able to engage with candidates who possessed transferrable visas thus allowing for swift and efficient talent sourcing, which traditionally had been difficult and was extremely time consuming, often taking months. The solution reduced time lags and complexities within the recruitment cycle, it eradicated lost man hours through what had been a challenging recruitment framework, allowed for efficient cross boarding immigration through the global agency panel, and ultimately the solution reduced the cost of the company’s recruitment.

      Sourcing with professional agencies regionally also gave the employer confidence in working with agencies who understood the challenges, and who were professional. This provided corporate credibility, improved brand image, all the while increasing the attractiveness of the company with potential employees.

    • Indevco recruitment cycle

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