Arab Commercial Enterprises (ACE)

Coverage: Middle East

    • Complex sourcing issues within a highly competitive insurance environment

      Historical overview
      Founded in 1952, Arab Commercial Enterprises (ACE) today is the pioneer of the Saudi Insurance Industry. Since inception, ACE has rapidly grown to become the largest indigenous insurance and reinsurance broking organization in the Middle East. With a number of offices situated in various cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, complemented by a network of offices in all the other Gulf Countries as well as in Lebanon and Greece, ACE is well positioned to provide services to its clients where needed.

    • problem

      The challenge?
      ACE are a Saudi based organisation supporting Saudization (local talent requirements) through regional agency-driven talent acquisition. They were challenged to identify local talent for required roles as well as expat talent which could return to Saudi to fulfil local requirements. The problem was that traditional recruitment processes were becoming less effective, and more expensive and time consuming. ACE needed a solution that would grant swift access to appropriate pools of both active as well as passive job seekers.

    • implication

      The ramifications of being under-resourced
      Without having a full complement of dedicated staff in key seats across a network of office locations, the client’s business would be severely impacted. The financial services marketplace is highly competitive when it comes to targeting and sourcing qualified personnel. Having vacant seats not only impacts company performance, but it has consequences regarding staff morale.

    • root cause

      Reasons for lack of success in attracting exceptional talent
      Like many companies in the Middle East, ACE had antiquated talent acquisition protocols in place which inhibited the company’s ability to effectively source local and regional talent. The market was highly competitive and many of the inhouse processes slowed the pace at which the company could engage with hiring prospects in an already difficult market.

    • solution

      What were the changes required?
      Ubidy provides swift access to local, regional and international candidates through an agile, state of the art recruitment marketplace. Our recruitment agency platform can connect hiring managers with an aggregation of talent scouts anywhere within the region in real-time, and then provide an automated recruitment function delivering shortlists that match specific hiring requirements. Ubidy allowed ACE to engage with recruitment firms within the region readily, negating lengthy and elongated recruitment assignments, resulting in a far more effective and time efficient recruitment resource.

      Successful organisations are always on the lookout for good people, so having a mechanism that allows a company to target and engage with potential employees, quickly and efficiently, places you ahead of your competition.

    • Ace - Success


      In partnering with Ubidy, ACE were able to engage with local and regional recruitment agencies who through their networks identified appropriate candidates for their vacancies. This enabled the client to source within “passive networks” known to a specialised group of agencies on the Ubidy agency panel, thus satisfying the requirements of the employer Saudization (local talent) program.

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