The race for talent

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      The jobs market seems to be creeping along in some sectors but in others, you would not know the economy was in the doldrums. As I have said recently, telecommunications, cyber intelligence, health care, mining are all bullish sectors when it comes to sourcing talent. Infrastructure as well is a standout and with the multitude of projects kicking off around the region, throughout Asia and the Middle East, the competition for talent will be fierce.

      Locally, the federal government’s push on employment has become almost a battle cry as the State Governments are hard lining enterprise to re-engage, rebuild, and develop local workforces. As we recalibrate our international supply channels not only local governments, but our international counterparts are redeveloping their manufacturing sectors. Whilst we may be in the doldrums currently, green shoots of economic growth are reappearing. The jobs market overall is skittish however this won’t be for long. Innovation and development are happening right across the world and whilst the last few months have been a very rough ride for all of us, there is a feeling of optimism albeit measured.

      In looking forward there will be a tremendous opportunity for enterprise to recalibrate their businesses. If anything, covid has taught us several lifelong lessons and these will provide both the private and public sectors with renewed vitality. There is one thing for sure that comes from all of this and that is the pace of change will keep accelerating. As borders open again and aircraft reappear in the skies, the world as we know it will have changed. The way we do things, how we interact in the workplace, our appetite for innovation will have changed, and changed for the better!

      Covid-19 has been a massive interruption to us all and will continue to be so for some time yet. It is time however to take the initiative and start the process of rebuilding. This all begins with talent acquisition! Our greatest asset is our people and having the right people in place underpins competitive advantage. Failing to have the right people in key positions restricts an organisations ability to reach its own goals, let alone create an air of internal prosperity. Having the right talent acquisition protocols in place is paramount. With the advent of Ai, the “getting” of human capital has become as critical as ever, as has the mechanisms through which we source talent. If covid has taught us anything, being innovative when it comes to recruitment will be key. Traditional mechanisms for sourcing talent are being tested. Government as well as enterprise are having to find new ways to engage with potential employees. It is one thing to know where to find talent, but today it is the speed with which you locate that talent that will ultimately decide which employer prevails.

      At Ubidy we have developed a world’s first talent acquisition solution that puts the client in direct contact with both active and passive talent in real-time. Swift and cost-effective, by utilising a transformational platform to engage the world’s leading talent scouts. We represent the new age of recruitment thinking bringing talent together with aspiring organisations who are keen to challenge traditional recruitment methodologies!

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