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    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      Well, 2022 has arrived with gusto and the jobs market is roaring back into life after the traditional Christmas hiatus. 2022 will be a very different year from the one that preceded it. Already there are signs of significant demand for talent across most disciplines, and of course, the most visible being leisure, tourism, and hospitality as well as healthcare. Be prepared as this is going to accelerate!

      As international boarders open and talent once again begins to migrate internationally, there will be huge voids of expertise created, and of course, major infrastructure projects, mining and energy and communications are all going to suffer from talent shortages. Aviation, transport and logistics will all see a massive upswing in demand for human capital as pressure will be further placed on these industries as global economies rebound.

      How should enterprises prepare for the global talent shortage…? Well, there are several things organisations can do to combat all of this and the first is to redefine the mechanism they utilise to capture talent, and that is the internal human resources and talent acquisition apparatus. Talent Acquisition needs to move away from being merely a mechanism that responds to line managements personnel demands. It is a front-line “weapon” that should employ every available resource to put an organisation front of market to target and obtain good, relevant people! Traditional recruitment methodologies are not enough these days. Technology and online recruitment solutions allowing hiring entities to get to both passive and active candidates swiftly and engage with them are becoming the order of the day! Candidates will have exponentially more opportunities and will become ever more discerning, so engagement tools placing a hiring organisation ahead of the competition is where smart organisations are moving if they haven’t already.

      We are going to hear a lot more about the global talent shortage in the months to come so hiring organisations will need to be innovative and bold when it comes to talent acquisition. An obvious area where skills exist is amongst mature aged candidates and the semi-retired. There is an immense wealth of expertise and a legion of highly capable candidates that are overlooked daily. For companies prepared to break the “cultural” mould that their HR departments have been dining on for years will find immense advantage in sourcing people here because they are Skilled, trained, experienced, and motivated to work. There is already a call by one of Australia’s most significant mining entities rallying the business community to move down this path- “Grey-Power”, and of course with that ubiquitous catch cry of “Diversity” being constantly bandied around by woke organisations, this will finally begin to include mature aged candidates.

      So, get prepared… 2022 augers well to be a “super-nova” of hiring!

      Ubidy | Global Talent on Demand

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