Candidate rich or talent poor market?

    • Paul O’Loughlin

      Global Director of Agencies at Ubidy


      You may think the jobs market would currently be awash with talent. JobKeeper is ending, higher than pre-Covid unemployment rates, fewer job opportunities, would make you think that there is a great number of available people, but it is just not the case! Good people are always hard to find, but in times of economic crisis, they are even harder to find! As a result, talent scouts are in high demand. They may not be experiencing quite the volumes of vacancies they had before the covid crisis began, but they are busy. On the other hand, companies who have traditionally used external recruiters and in recent times have internalised their recruitment sourcing function, have been struggling to find the calibre of skills that were readily available 2 years ago. People who are gainfully employed are not motivated to make a career change it would appear, hence internal talent sourcing is turning back to agency recruitment to fill their jobs.

      It has not been all doom and gloom though for the recruitment industry over the last 12 months because certain sections of the market have been quite active. The telecommunications environment, healthcare and sciences, biotech just to name a few have all been active. These industries are sucking up talent at a rate of knots and will continue to do so, not just within Australia but right across the globe.

      Similarly, the entertainment at home industry has grown exponentially with the likes of Netflix, Binge, Apple TV and other on-line providers experiencing a worldwide surge in demand. Of course, the Australian Film industry has never been so busy with many Hollywood notables stationing themselves here for both work and to avoid the calamity back where they hail from. Several “Big Budget” films are in production with many more to start on our shores, all creating unprecedented demand for local acting talent as well as production crews, and everything else that falls in and around film sets!

      But how are they securing the talent you may ask? In many cases, they are using talent scouts! The pressure on securing quality talent has never been greater and seasoned recruiters and search operatives will continue to be in demand!

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